20 Boo-tiful Ghost Crafts for Halloween

DIY Ghost Crafts for Halloween Pop Shop America

My littlest just recently learned what a ghost was, and now he delights in shouting “Ghost! Ahh!” every time he sees one. So any ghost crafting is especially exciting over here this year, and every one of these ghost crafts are so cute and family-friendly. Pair your ghost crafting with some Halloween baking and pumpkin painting and you’ve got yourself a perfectly recipe for a spooky season party night! 

For your ghost crafting delight, here are 20 Boo-tiful Ghost Craft Ideas! 

DIY Book Page Ghost Garland

Ghost Book PAge Banner Art Project

This DIY Book Page Ghost Garland from Thistle Key Lane is my current spooky season OBSESSION. I’m such a bookworm, so this feels like it has my style written (written – words – get it??) all over it. I am 100% making this for Halloween decor, and you should too! 


Easy Cheesecloth Ghosts

DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts Decor

First Day at Home made these trendy Easy Cheesecloth Ghosts that you keep seeing everywhere. There’s a reason too – they’re the perfect decor! And they only require a handful of supplies, like the cheesecloth, Mod Podge, wooden skewers and styrofoam. 


Pottery Barn Gus the Ghost Pillow Dupe

Gus the Ghost Pilllow Dupe Tutorials Craft

If you’ve ever seen Gus the Ghost Pillow, you know that it’s super cute and looks so soft. But also – who’s paying Pottery Barn prices these days?? Especially not when Annice at Building the Crowders has us all covered with her Gus the Ghost Pillow Dupe Tutorial


DIY Halloween Ghost Ornaments

Easy Halloween Ghost Tree Ornaments

Do you ever do a Halloween tree? My oldest son has a little one in his room that lights up, and he’s always asking for ornaments to put on it. These DIY Halloween Ghost Ornaments from Crafting Cheerfully are pretty kid friendly, so you and your littles can craft together and then decorate a little tree! 


Adorable DIY Ghost Pillow

Halloween Ghost Home Good Pillow DIY Dupe

This adorable Home Goods DIY Ghost Pillow Dupe comes from Our Crafty Mom, and she has a secret: it’s made with a dollar store mop head! That’s how she creates the cute little yarn ghosts. This makes such an adorable decorative pillow – plus it would make a super fun friends’ craft night, too! 


Easy DIY Clay Ghosts

Easy Clay Ghosts DIY

This basic Easy Clay Ghost from the Why don’t You Make Me? blog is just that: basic and easy. It doesn’t require a long list of supplies, but there are a ton of ways you could jazz it up. Hosting a kids’ Halloween party? Prep a bunch of these and then let the kids paint and decorate them! How fun would that be? 

Cute Clay Ghosts

Cute Little Clay Ghosts Decor DIY

These sweet little Clay Ghosts from Leap of Faith Crafting are so stinking cuuuute!! I mean, just look at their little witch hats and pumpkins. I’m totally obsessed, and I bet you will be too when you make your own with the simple tutorial! 


Ghost Under Glass Halloween Decor

Ghost Under Glass Halloween DIY Decor

This Ghost Under Glass decor from Yesterday on Tuesday is so unique and fun! I believe she even made it with dollar store items – so it’s super affordable decor. It would make a good hostess gift to for a Halloween party! 

DIY Ghost Earrings

Ghost Earrings DIY Craft

I mostly included ghostly decor in this blog post, but I just couldn’t pass on this tutorial for these adorable Ghost Earrings from Paper Glitter Glue. They’re made from cardboard and cardstock, covered in metallic or glitter paper and glued together. So simple, but perfect for Halloween! 


DIY Wood Ghosts

DIY Wood Ghosts

The couple at Pine and Popular used scrap wood and cut out their DIY Wood Ghosts with a jigsaw, but if you don’t have a jigsaw, just grab some already cut wooden ghost cutouts on Amazon and use the rest of their tutorial to paint them! 

Halloween Ghost Cones

DIY Ghost Cone Decor Craft

Just a Girl grabbed some paper cones from the craft store with no idea what she was going to do with them, but they turned into perfect DIY Ghost Cones. And you could grab some more and do them in orange for some pumpkin cones to go with them! 

Psst: wouldn’t these be fun for a ring toss game for a kids’ Halloween activity?? Be right back: gotta go make it now! 

DIY Felt Ghost Banner

Felt Ghost Banner DIY with Pattern

This adorable Ghost Felt Banner from The Yellow Birdhouse is made simple because she has a printable pattern to use! I can imagine this being the sweetest holiday decor in a nursery or playroom. 

DIY Not-So-Spooky Halloween Wreath

Not So Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath

I love making holiday wreaths. They’re versatile – hang them on the door, the wall, a cabinet front. And this DIY Not So Spooky Wreath from Sierra Miller may be my new Halloween favorite. I love the sweet pink-and-black style for a cute change from bright orange! 


DIY Macrame Ghosts

DIY Macrame Ghost Craft

Handan and Greg over at The Navage Patch do so many amazingly creative DIYs, and these DIY Macrame Ghosts are no exception. I mean, just look at them on the wall. How are you even going to stop yourself from making a bunch of these (actually, a group of ghosts is called a haunting, so I guess you’ll be making a haunting of macrame ghosts!). 

DIY Dollar Tree Hanging Lighted Ghosts

Easy Lighted Hanging Ghosts Outdoor DIY Decor

Halloween decor can be so expensive, so you really can’t beat outdoor decor at dollar store prices! The Navage Patch shows you how to make these DIY Lighted Hanging Ghosts in a few easy steps. 

Easy Dollar Store Ghost Wreath

Dollar Store Ghost Wreath ARt

I love how simple this Dollar Store Ghost Wreath from Twelve on Main is to make, but it’s so effective! I think these would be so cute to hang one in each window of a house. Luckily, they’re super affordable, so you can make as many as you have windows! 


Pink Ghost Halloween Sign

Pink Ghost Halloween Sign Craft

Everything about this cute Pink Ghost Halloween Sign from Woodpecker’s Blog has me squealing with cute delight. It’s so trendy and adorable – plus it’s easy to make and older-kid craft friendly too! The supplies are simple and affordable and easy to find at any craft store during spooky season. 


Black and White Ghost Halloween Centerpiece

Ghost Halloween Centerpiece Craft

This Black & White Ghost Halloween Centerpiece from Our Crafty Mom is such a showstopper! At the same, she breaks it down and it’s actually really simple to make. So if you want a DIY Halloween decoration that is relatively simple but also so impressive, you’ve got to make this beauty! 


Squeegee Art Ghost

Halloween Ghost Squeegee Art Craft

Tina at Rock Painting Guide created these simple Squeegee Art Ghosts, and they are the cutest little paintings! They’re kid-friendly, easy decor, and they’d be a perfect craft at a party for kids, teens or adults. Imagine all the customizable ideas people could come up with! 


Hopefully this gives you a great theme for your Halloween decor – ghosts are the way to go! 

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