3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

3 christmas gift wrapping ideas pop shop america

Only 2 days to go, and hopefully we should be all sorted with our Christmas shopping by now. Now it’s time to wear our Santa helpers outfits, wrap gifts and bake Christmas Eve biscuits while listening to the old Christmas classics! I love taking care of my gift wrapping and coming up with new ideas to decorate my gifts each year. Last year I shared three cute DIY wrapping projects, but this year, since we’re running out of time, I have a few quicker and more immediate ideas to make your gifts as unique as ever!

Let’s go…

01. Add in Some Pine Sprigs

3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Pine Springs3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Pine Springs
An extra quick way to make your wrapping look more put together and add a natural seasonal touch, is simply tying in some fresh pine sprigs. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some wherever you live, craft stores and nurseries also sell them around this time of the year! Use a mixture of different ribbons to add texture and colour and then tuck in your pine sprig to add some details. It’ll make your gifts smell so winter-y!


02. Bells and candy cane

3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Bells and Candy Cane
3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Bells and Candy Cane

I love picking up small tree ornaments (generally bells) to add a unique jingling touch to my gift wrapping. The best thing about it is that the receiver will be able to keep the ornaments for his own Christmas tree or as a memory of the day! For an even sweeter option, also use your ribbon to secure a candy cane to your gifts… they’ll make all the kids happy and the gifts pretty.


03. Create some customized gift tags

3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: Customized Tags
In my latest DIY project I explained how to create customized clay gift tags from scratch, and I love how lovely they look when attached to the presents. You can customize them with names or festive fun messages for a change, or simply go for the basic season’s greetings. They’ll instantly add a unique customized touch to your wrapping.

I hope you have fun with your gift wrapping and this post inspired you some new ways to make your gifts even prettier! Hope you’ll all have a lovely Christmas day! x

3 Last Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

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