9 Things You Must Do at Every Craft Fair EBook

9 things you must do at every craft fair ebook

Our latest EBook is here! And this is all about marketing your business beyond the here and now. It’s all about growing your brand into the future and creating something that’s strong and stable.

I see a lot of people get stuck in a rut of moment to moment sales without being able to focus on the bigger picture for their brand. This addresses that.

This Ebook addresses Pop Up Markets and things you need to consider to increase exposure for your brand. Pop Up Markets are a fabulous way to market your business. In fact, there are so many different components to marketing your business at these events that we discussed 9 Different things you Must Do at Every Craft Fair – that don’t involve money!


table of contents 9 things you must do at every craft fair ebook

Did you know that the average customer will interact with your brand 7 times before making a purchase? Wow! That leaves a lot of time to focus on making a good impression. And it’s a lot of opportunity to convert a casual shopper into a long term fan.

This Ebook is full of tips and tricks to help casual shoppers get to know your brand better and help them fall in love with your business for a lifetime.

What’s in this Ebook? Contests, Freebies, Signage, Coupon Codes – what works and what doesn’t. In addition to Communicating with your Neighbors, Shoppers, and More.

This isn’t just about moment to moment sales. It’s about something more. So if you are ready to grow your brand download this 9 Things You Must Do at Every Craft Fair EBook now and start the growing and learning!


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