Best Knitting Projects To Start This Winter

Seven of the best knitting projects to start this Winter

During the latest months of 2016 I’ve discovered knitting and if you catch my pun you’ll know I’m currently kind of hooked. Get it?! I have been looking online everywhere for the very best knitting projects to start, and I can now lay claim to a long list of knitting patterns I’ve already tested or that I can’t wait to try out this Winter!

I’m sure I’m not the only knitting newbie that is completely obsessed with it and is constantly itching to test and try new patterns and wanting to create a fair isle hat for literally anyone I know! And so I thought I’d share seven of the best knitting projects I’ve discovered online recently, that I’m sure will enthuse any crafter out there as much as they did with me! I just can’t wait to get started…

Best knitting projects: easy and simple Lucy Beanie

For the beginner – Wool & The Gang Lucy Beanie: if you’ve never knitted before and want to start with something exciting but easy-peasy at the same time, I can’t really recommend one of Wool & The Gang’s kits enough, especially any patterns made with their chunky wool that makes knitting so easy and smooth! All their kits come with knitting needles, a pattern, the wool you need for the project and any other tool that is necessary, so you’re basically all sorted and ready to start!

The fair isle pattern – The Hook Nook Jasper Beanie: this is just a tiny bit more advanced, but it makes knitting a hat a little more interesting without needing to be an expert at all! And you can play with colour combinations and pompoms (when you’ll start making pompoms you’ll want to add them to anything you knit!) to create different variations! The pattern is super easy to follow and the result is just the cutest!

Best knitting projects: fair isle Jasper beanie
Best knitting projects: fair isle Kodiak cowl

The cowl scarf – Ozetta Kodiak Fair Isle Cowl: another pattern I’m sure anyone new to knitting will love, made with very chunky wool and categorized as an easy project, it still has a lovely and fun fair isle design that will make knitting more interesting!

The easy socks – Cabinfour Flower Child Socks: recently I’m totally into socks and it’s amazing, if you look into it, how many beautiful patterns you can find! These are rated as an easy project but the pattern and result are so cute that I’m so tempted to give it a go pretty soon!

Best knitting projects: simple Flower Child socks
Best knitting projects: the braided Rose Hip socks

The braided socks – Verena Cohrs Rose Hip Socks: but first on my to-knit list there’s this beautiful pattern! I’m sure this is a little more advanced, but I’ve tried cable knitting in the past and I’ve loved it, so I’m sure these will be super fun! And they also look very nice and detailed indeed.

The feminine mittens – Mandarine’s Treehouse Mitts: I’m completely in love with the look of these mittens, and this is a pattern I’m going to try this winter for sure! They look so soft and feminine, and the pattern is so interesting that I’m curious to learn how to create such beautiful details!

Best knitting projects: feminine Treehouse mittens
Best knitting projects: the soft Sea Mist sweater

The softest sweater – DROPS Sea Mist: this is a project I’ve been currently working on and I can say it really is as soft as it looks! I love the fact that it’s fairly simple (great as very first sweater) but very interesting at the same time, combining lots of colours and two different type of wool.


I hope you’ll find some ideas to start new knitting projects this Winter between my selection, whether you’ve just got started or you just need some new inspiration! Happy knitting!


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2 thoughts on “Best Knitting Projects To Start This Winter

  1. Leonia says:

    I’m not a knitting newbie, but I have never knitted a pair of socks. These 2 sock patterns are so cute, they’ve inspired me to give them a try. Thanks!

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