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Baby it’s cold outside! But you know that cold weather is the perfect time for stylish winter wear. One of my favorite items that I don’t get to wear enough are statement piece tights. It’s too hot in Houston for cute tights like these. Except for right now.

Some of the coolest tights we’ve seen are totally DIY. It’s the easiest way to make versatile, unique, and out of the ordinary tights. Here are my 10 favorite DIY Tights that you can make yourself.

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DIY Navy & Polka Dot Tights

These tights are prim and proper and oh so sweet. This is a great way to get started with DIY Tights because the Polka Dots are simple. And polka dots never go out of style.

How to Dye Tights with Kool Aid Pop Shop America

DIY Dyed Tights with Kool-Aid

Who knew you could use simple household supplies to make your own tights in any color of the rainbow? These Kool-Aid Dyed Tights are simple and fun!

bleach pen tights diy pop shop america

Bleach Leggings DIY

With just a simple bleach pen you can add gorgeous patterns to any leggings! We love these Tribal Patterns here. They are so boho!

galaxy tights diy pop shop america

Galaxy Tights

These Galaxy Tights are out of this world! I love the colors and swirled patterns and this DIY is much more doable that you think.

diy color blocked tights pop shop america

DIY Color Block Tights

Big bright 2 tone color! These DIY Color Blocked Tights are a touch 80’s and a touch Harlequin. I would love to see them in other colors too.

Suspender Tights

These Suspender Tights are wild and sexy. This video tutorial helps you understand how to make these.

tie dyed tights diy pop shop america

Indigo Tie Dye Tights

I love these Tie Dye Tights! This would be perfect for a party or to snazz up a little black dress. This is another easy beginner friendly DIY. If you are just starting out, give this one a whirl!

leather hearts tights diy pop shop america

DIY Leather Heart Tights

Who knew that just a small patch of leather could make these Tights so adorable? I think everyone needs a pair of these.

ombre tights diy best diy tights for winter

DIY Ombre Tights

I love that washed out faded vibe. This DIY is remarkably similar to the Tie Dyed Tights DIY with just a simple twist on the process.

diy glitter tights diy - pop shop america crafts blog

DIY Glitter Tights

Glitter magic! These are a New Year’s Eve Dream Come True. And this is another DIY that’s oh so simple to make.

jeweled socks diy by mr kate pop shop america

Jeweled Socks DIY

Why stop at tights when you could make these Princess perfect Bedazzled Socks! I love them and they are such a sweet pairing with open toed shoes.

You Need These —>

lirika matoshi jeweled tights diy etsy shop

If you want to go next level with your DIY Tights, you must check out the Lirika Matoshi Etsy Shop. These gorgeous tights are out of this world. Shop them now!


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