10 Gorgeous Indigo Dyeing Projects

10 gorgeous shibori dyeing projects pop shop america diy blog

Blue and white. Hand dyeing. What could be more classically craft? Shibori dyeing has a long history but also feels so airy and weightless, modern and fresh. What’s great about this technique is that you can dye lots of different types of items – from clothing to housewares. And you can even dye wooden beads and lots of unique materials too.

Shibori is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that creates a resist – patterns in the original color of the garment. Shibori is usually done in indigo dye although shibori for the most part is describing the patterns of color and dye more than the actual material. You will often hear shibori dyeing and indigo dyeing used interchangeabley. They are not quite the same thing, but since people often misuse them when describing tutorials, supplies, and techniques, there’s no sense in worrying about it.

Indigo Dyed Necklace DIY

indigo dyed necklace wood beads hilary l hahn

In this tutorial, learn to indigo dye wooden beads! Who knew these wooden beads would dye so well and display such a gorgeous swirl of marbled color? This necklace is also decently easy to assemble and perfectly boho. I definitely want to make this!

Shibori Dyed Pillows


Doesn’t this diy just brighten up the room? Blue and white together are so refined and remind me of Greece or Ibiza. It feels coastal, nautical, and these pillows make the perfect statement decor in a gorgeous room like this!

Indigo Dyed Tea Towels Tutorial

indigo dyed tea towels craft tutorial houses even blog pop shop america

How dreamy are these Indigo Dyed Tea Towels? I have some hand dyed tea towels of my own that I just love and use all the time. In this tutorial, Anissa use a piece of scrap wood to help make the pattern.

Scrap wood, rubber bands, clothespins, and clips are all used often and are what makes up the pattern in the shibori dye. So pay attention to how each pattern is made in each tutorial and that will help you understand the secrets of masterful indigo dyeing.

Indigo Dyed Scarf

shibori-indigo-DIY-scarf-alice and lois blog

Now here’s a Indigo Dyed piece that you can wear! Alice and Lois are a go to when it comes to Shibori Dyeing. They have lots of tips and techniques. This scarf is made with a raw cut piece of fabric which makes it appear carefree.

DIY Shibori Dyed Dress

diy shibori dresses tutorial happily eva after blog

Because everyone needs a matching dress! These matching mom and daughter dresses are so pretty. They match in color but both have unique dye patters. The color elevates a cotton day dress into summery perfection.

Indigo Dyed Picnic Blanket Tutorial

diy-shibori-inspired-picnic-blanket-crafts-how-to hometalk

I need this picnic blanket. It’s so boho perfect and could inspire anyone to relax outside. This is a fun diy because picnic blankets are so big. Instead of using a tiny scrap of wood it uses two 2 x 4’s!

Shibori Dyed Tote Bag


This may be my favorite pattern from all of these Indigo Dyed Projects. I don’t know why it did not occur to me to create a pattern of circles with rubber bands! Now this is the kind of tote that’s perfect for the library, the grocery store, or anytime!

Dip Dyed Shibori Napkins

diy indigo dyed napkins tutorial momtastic paper n stitch

This is the first appearance of a dip dyed technique! Isn’t it perfect? I love a good dip dye in any color of the rainbow and I certainly love it in a white that fades to deep blue.

DIY Shibori Wall Hanging


Although this wall hanging feels so new and now with it’s wood shims, hanging next to air plants, this may be one of the most traditional shibori projects! It’s a little bit classic and a little bit modern and looks so fun to make.

DIY Indigo Table Runner Tutorial

indigo summer table runner-craft berry bush blog

Prepping for a summer party? I think we found the perfect home decor. This DIY Indigo Dyed Table Runner brings a summery style indoors. It looks just perfect with fresh centerpieces and blueberries.

Blue Dyed T Shirt Tutorial

blue dyed t shirt diy parent magazine pop shop america

Now this t-shirt diy is a whole lot of fun! It’s summery and casual and everyday.

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