The Best Flower, Succulent, and Cactus Watercolor Painting Tutorials

10 best flower succulent and cactus watercolor tutorials

A picture is worth a thousand words! And that’s why these 10 videos are the best way to learn how to paint flowers, succulents, and cactus with watercolors. Because watercolor creates wispy washed out layers of color. The paint makes very pretty elements seen in nature like blue skies, oceans, and plants.

And these Watercolor Plant Tutorials here are a wonderful way to learn how to paint. Here are some resources before you get started:

Craft in Style Subscription Box (Shown Here February 2019 Edition)
Brush Basics & Watercolor Blending Techniques
Ink Stenciling on Watercolor
Watercolor Wax Resist Painting
Watercolor + Salt Painting (Moon Phase Painting)
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Simple Everyday Flowers Watercolor Bouquet Tutorial

This is a great video to get you started. Snowberry Design Co. will show you several different simple flowers that you can paint in addition to greenery and leaves! She works slowly and builds layers of watercolors on top of each other.

Watercolor Yarrows Painting Tutorial

Nianiani is a great instructor and will lead you through first planning and understanding the shape of the yarrow flowers and then painting them with watercolor. Start with sketching and move on to painting a truly unique flower in watercolor.

Peonies, Roses, Eucalyptus and More

This tutorial by Emma Lefebvre takes you through the steps of painting many different types of flowers and plants. Her easy to follow instructions really illustrate some of the Color Blending Techniques we discuss here.

Purple Bouquet Watercolor Painting Tutorial

You all need to know that I’m a fan girl of Let’s Make Art. She offers a really cool Watercolor Subscription Box and this is the first tutorial that thoroughly explores color, in this case purple. Her videos make watercolor fun to paint!

Wispy & Watery Watercolor Roses

With this technique, Wonder Forest will show you how to layer and layer the watercolor. Try this tutorial to create roses on stems that are wispy and pretty. They are light, airy, and dreamy.

Simple Succulent Watercolor Tutorial

Anna Mason Art starts with a gorgeous sketch and creates a succulent that is full of life. To accomplish this, she uses all the color you see in a succulent like pinks, yellows, and greens in a smart way and will show you how to do the same.

Watercolor Echeveria Lauii Succulent Tutorial

This video is part drawing and part watercolor painting. Alisa Draws creates a gorgeous side view of a purple and green succulent. But in her other videos you can learn to paint people some even holding succulents and cool creatures like fairies.

Succulent, Lavender, and Peony Watercolor Painting

Let’s revisit Snowberry Design Co. for a great watercolor tutorial that includes both flowers and succulents! Her easy, breezy style of teaching is great for learning. And this incorporates so many of our favorite plant elements.

Cacti Landscape Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Learn to paint several different types of cacti that are all in the same landscape scene. In this video, we’re revisiting Let’s Make Art and her depth of knowledge of how to move, blend, mute, and shade with watercolor is just out of this world!

Succulent Cactus Doodle Inspiration

This is a doodle as much as it’s a series of how to paint plants drawings. Makoccino will inspire you with ivy vines, monstera leaves, and succulents. And if you are inspired to paint more, don’t miss out on grabbing a February 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box for yourself. Happy crafting!

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