Easy Crochet Pillow DIY with Tassels

crochet pillow diy with tassels

If I had a nickel for every time someone complained that I had too many pillows on my bed, I’d be a very rich woman. The kind of woman who could buy islands.

It’s not even as bad as it used to be. As a teenager, I had around 24 pillows on my bed and they took up half the entire space.

So now, in my late 20’s, I feel like 10 is a perfectly acceptable, highly curated number of pillows to have. They make a fabulous addition to all my books and my travel keepsake boxes.

Among those coveted few, is a pillow that I recently made. It’s a rich creamy wool that adds a ton of texture to the cosy, feminine design of my bed.

I had initially planned on just leaving it a plain crocheted pillow, but had some extra yarn, so that’s where the fun tassels came in. The back is made from matching broadcloth finished in an envelope style.

Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY

You can follow this tutorial exactly, or adapt it to use different crochet stitches, colours of yarn, or change the pattern of the tassels – it’s totally up to you! For my version, follow along below.

Easy Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY


  • about 1.5 Skeins of chunky weight 6 yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Blanc Casse)
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 1/2 yard broadcloth in the same colour as your yarn
  • matching thread for sewing
  • scissors
  • a 20″ x20″ pillow to insert into your pillow cover


  1. You’re going to start by crocheting the front of your pillow. For mine, I chained 54 chains and then single crocheted in the second stitch from my hook to end up with 52 chains across. Then you just keep single crocheting back and forth in rows until you’ve done 60 rows. Try to keep the tension the same the entire way. Mine ended up a bit wonky, but you’ll be able t fix that when we sew the front onto the back. The finished crochet square should measure about 22.5 x 22.5
  2. Next, we’re going to cut out and attach our tassels. You can copy the pattern that I did here, or make any other pattern that you like. They’re super easy to attach or move around, so don’t feel like you’re stuck on a design that you start and don’t like. To make the tassels my way, you’re going to cut your yarn into 9″ lengths. You’ll need 42 of these pieces.
  3. To attach the tassels, find the middle of your crochet square and then go up to row 18. Insert your hook into your work hook side up and then fold a piece of yarn in half around the hook and pull through. You should then have 2 ends that need to be inserted into the loop. When you pull then through, you’ll have your first tassel!
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
  4. To make the V pattern, go up 2 stitches and then over one and insert your next tassel. There are 16 tassels on each side of the big V.
  5. Once your big V is done, do the same for the small V inserting the tassel for the point of the small V 18 rows from the top. Then do the same as the big V – go up 2 rows and over one and insert your next tassel. For the small V, I did 4 tassels on each side of the point.
  6. When your tassels are done, it’s time to work on the back. We’re going to make an envelope back, so cut out 2 pieces of broadcloth that each measure 22.5 x 18.
  7. We’re going to hem one of the 22.5″ sides of each piece of broadcloth which will form the envelope overlap on the back. To make sure my seam was crisp, I folded the fabric over about 3/8″ and ironed it so that it lay flat. I then used my sewing machine to sew down the seam, making a hem that was just under 1/4″. Repeat for the second rectangle.
  8. Then, you’re going to overlap your two rectangles with the right side up. When you overlap them, they should overlap about 5 inches. You want to make sure that the square that they form is about 22.5 inches – the same size as your crochet square. Pin them in place.
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
    Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY
  9. Next, we’re going to pin our crochet square overtop of the backing. Make sure that your tassels are contained within the pillow, so the wrong side of your crochet square and your envelope back should be what you see on the outside. Pin all around the perimeter of your pillow.
  10. Slowly, and with a long stitch length (I did mine at a length of 4) sew around all 4 sides of your pillow, removing pins as you go.
  11. Once done, cut off your ends and then using the handy envelope back, turn your pillow right side out. Trim the inside of any corners that won’t make points.
  12. Insert your cushion into the cover, add to the mountain of pillows on your bed/couch and step back to appreciate your project!

I think this pillow is a super cute addition to the pillows on my bed and adds a great amount of texture and visual interest, while still working within my pale/blush colour palette.

Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY Crochet Tassel Pillow DIY

My apartment feels like I’ve finally maxed out my pillow allowance, but then again, I still have the balcony to furnish in the spring 😉 If you are obsessed with crochet like I am, don’t miss this Crochet Half Hexagon Rug that’s perfect for any home!

xo, Tess.

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