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Spring is here! There are so many things about Texas that are perfect in the springtime. We have wildflowers everywhere like bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, and more. And don’t get me started on the Dewberries.

Even our Texas weeds look like wildflowers! We have so many different weeds that grow everywhere and they are just so pretty. There are tiny yellow ones, big yellow ones that look like daisies, and tiny pom pom shaped white ones. The bees love those! There are pink weeds that we often call buttercups.


Sitting in the fields of weeds and picking them is everyone’s favorite childhood past time. These daisy chain style Wildflower Crowns were our favorite things to make as children. This DIY is the same one I made as a child with just a minor adult upgrade. It’s one of our favorite ways to Make DIY Flower Crowns!


First of all, start by picking the prettiest weeds. Be sure that they are not actually wildflowers – you are not supposed to pick those in Texas unless they are on your own property. Pick the weeds down by the roots so that your stems are nice and long.



The rest of your supplies are very simple. You will need an X-Acto Knife, a Cutting Mat, and Floral Tape.

Start by finding the prettiest of the weeds you picked.



Make slit long ways through the center of the stem. Make the slit down by the bottom of the stem – away from the flower. Be sure that you keep the sides of the stem intact and that your slit doesn’t cut the stem open.

Then, thread the next flower through the slit and slide the flower all the way down.



Reinforce the slit with a tiny length of floral tape. Wrap the tape around both flowers around the slit to protect it. Floral tape gets stickier when you pull and stretch it longer, so be sure to use this technique to help it hold.


Continue to add flowers by making a slit, thread the flower through, and then wrapping it in floral tape.

I measured the length of my Boho Texas Wildflower Crown DIY by gently holding it around my head how I planned on wearing it. The length doesn’t have to be perfect!


Once your Wildflower Crown is long enough, your last flower will need to be reinforced on both sides. You can make an extra slit on the first flower that you started with and reinforce the last flower on both sides with floral tape.


I made a second flower crown with a different Texas weed so that I could layer them and wear them together.


For this crown, I used the same materials and repeated the same steps.


This type of Boho Texas Wildflower Crown is not meant to last, so make it the same day that you plan on wearing it and have fun! This is also the perfect DIY for a Princess Party and would be so perfect for a Boho Wedding! They are just so sweet, simple, and gorgeous!


So where are you going to wear your Boho Texas Wildflower Crown? Tell us in the comments!

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