How to Make a Boho Perfect DIY Leather Lariat

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Be a boho babe! This brown leather Lariat Necklace is so easy breezy and works with any outfit.

It’s very versatile, and I’ll show you some changes you can make if you want to lose the key or lose the bow that’s tied.

To make this DIY Leather Lariat you just need a few supplies that are easy to get on Amazon or at your local Michael’s.ย leather suede string to make a diy lauriat necklace pop shop america


Suede Leather Cord
A Jump Ring
A Charm like a Key or a Feather
Needle Nose Pliers

That’s it! Those are all the supplies you need.

cut a length of the leather to make a diy leather lauriat necklace

First, measure a length of leather cord. To measure it, wrap it around your neck at least twice and extend it down to your waistline on each end. If you only wrap it around your neck once, the lariat will be too short for a bow. And the weight of the front will make it fall off.

Wrapping it twice ensures that your DIY Leather Lariat will stay on.

When you cut the leather, consider the quality of your cut so that the ends looks finished.

tie a knot in the leather diy leather lauriat pop shop america

Tie the end in a knot like the one above. Or if you want it to look more professional, try this knot here, which is a little more intricate but totally gorgeous!

how to attach the pendant leather lauriat necklace diy pop shop america

Use your needle nose pliers to to attach your key to the center of your necklace. On this lariat, the pendant won’t slide down like a regular necklace. It will stay in place!

how to make a brown leather necklace pop shop america

And viola you have your DIY Leather Lariat Necklace. There are a couple of things you can do to make your lariat different that what I made.

First of all, you could skip the key, and just feature the gorgeous leather. That’s easy!

Also, there are lots of different ways you can wear and style your DIY Leather Lariat. finished diy leather lariat necklace hero pop shop america

I think the bow is super cute, but you could also wear it long and narrow down to your waist. Either way is totally boho-licious!

wearing a diy leather lauriat necklace pop shop america

So where are you going to wear your Lariat

and what will you wear it with?

Let’s Stay Friends!

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