Cute & Prickly! The Must Shop Handmade Cactus Gift Guide

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Alright y’all. I admit it. We’ve gone a little cactus crazy. We just love the prickly little cuties so much that we can’t help but carry so many in our Online Shop! Here’s a curated collection of some of our favorite cactus cuties. Just click through to shop them right now.

Stay away from Me! This mini coin purse is perfect to throw in your purse and perfect for small items.

This sage green cactus tank is one of our most popular items! It’s racerback + a-line waist make it super figure flattering and it’s cozy too.

This catch all clutch is bright, happy, and whimsical! We only have a few left.

These abstract and hand painted cactus earrings are made by A Tiny Triangle in San Antonio.

This simple little greeting card is handmade and totally affordable! What a fun thing to send to a friend.

These ceramics are perfect for your own terrariums. They are mini size, come in a set of 3, and have mini black hearts in a ring around the edge.

This may be my favorite cactus goodie from this entire list! These little stud earrings are cactus shaped and are perfect and adorable.

Got a flame in your heart for cactus? This candle set comes with 6 cactus shaped tea lights.

Need a simple cactus to hang around your neck? These necklaces come in either gold or silver.

This notebook set is perfect for those that have thoughts about cactus. It comes with 2 blank journals because 1 just won’t do. It also comes in white which you can check out here!

Swoon! These dangling cactus earrings are hand painted. The leather is so luxurious that these earrings are a must.

This Cactus Embroidery is handmade in Austin TX by Mountains of Thread! We carry lots of their embroidery and just can’t get enough!

These teeny, tiny Cactus Stud Earrings are crowd pleasers. And they are affordable too!

Here’s a Cactus Print for your walls! It’s on a luxurious cream paper and it’s full of bright colors.

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And if you are thinking about building a terrarium – that’s a vessel where your cactus can happily live, we’ve included this fun and simple video! You can make them in tons of different styles and they are so easy to care for.

So if you haven’t gone cactus crazy yet then how about this cute cactus graphic below. Click it to transfer to our Enews Sign Up where you will automatically receive a 15% off coupon for any of these cactus items above!! And any other items too.

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