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There comes a time in every shop life that a theme starts to emerge. And at Pop Shop America, one of our themes: Cats! I can’t believe all of these adorable cat items that we’ve collected over the last 6 years of our shop. From cat necklaces, to cat coin purses, and cat t-shirts too! There’s a cat for everybody.

This collection of handmade cat shopping from Pop Shop America is perfect for any furry feline friends. Take a look and click through to shop these items online now!

These cat items are handcrafted by so many different makers. Find kawaii style cat necklaces from Komodokat. Enjoy handcrafted cat t-shirts made in house by us at Pop Shop America. And find grumpy cat felty soft barrettes by Linkster Love. It’s a cat-splosion!

Whether you are a kid at heart, or a true adult with modern taste, there is a perfect feline in this collection for everyone. Find lots of different styles and lots of different cats Siamese, to Tabby’s, and lots of graphic cat illustrations too.

Got another favorite animal like foxes, turtles or dinosaurs? Check out even more handmade animal goods right here in our shop. Just click the links below for some extra fun.




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