DIY Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub

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Let’s get sweet! Looking for a way to exfoliate in your shower that is all sweetness and joy? Then you must make this super easy DIY Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub! It’s the perfect skincare item for anyone that loves that fun bubble gum flavor!

I also layered it in pink and white – just to give it that super cute bubble gum vibe. In case you haven’t made your own sugar scrub before – it’s one of the easiest DIY’s to make and is totally beginner friendly. Once you make this, you will never buy store bought sugar scrub again.

This DIY Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub is super easy to make and just requires a few simple supplies.


Almond Body Care Oil
Pink Food Coloring
Bubble Gum Candy Flavoring
A Cute Vessel

For Mixing:

Two Bowls & a Spoon


First, add your sugar to a bowl and mix in just enough almond oil to moisten the sugar. We used about 2 cups of sugar but the easiest thing to do is fill your vessel with sugar and then pour that into your bowl. You don’t have to measure the almond oil – since it’s really up to you how much you add! Blend the almond oil evenly and thoroughly and then separate the sugar into two bowls.

Then add a small amount of your Bubble Gum Flavoring. How much to add? It’s really up to you but I would start with around 1/4 teaspoon. Be careful with how much you add because this flavor is strong!

Next separate your sugar into two bowls because we are going to color part of the sugar pink! It’s so easy to do – just add a few drops of pink food coloring to the sugar and stir. Be sure to blend your color evenly and thoroughly.


Now that you have your Pink Bubble Gum Sugar and your White Bubble Gum Sugar, it’s all about layering. So add it to your vessel in sections. You can make fun, swirly, uneven layers like I did here.

Or you can smooth each layer flat in between every layer and make it all sleek!

Now that you have your DIY Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub it’s all about exfoliating in delicious style – so get in that shower and try it out! Your skin is going to smell so yummy afterwards.

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