Best 15 Instagram Apps to Rock Your Content

You guys, I am getting super serious about Instagram. If you are a business you need to think beyond family photos or even just photos of your products. You need to make your content stand out and your content sparkle.

That means placement of images, telling a color story and ensuring that everything blends, using the right hashtags and avoiding shadowtags. Honestly, it’s a lot of work!

Good thing there are awesome app resources for creating the perfect Instagram Feed. Here are my Top 15 that will help you edit photos, create videos, add text to videos and more.

One thing we don’t recommend are following apps or any of the apps to track stats. That’s because most of them do not work under the current Instagram API.

Unum: Free

unum planning app for instagram

Unum is a scheduling app where you can drag and drop your images and plan your feed. This is crucial to ensure that colors blend and that an overall vibe is captured. The feed stops where you stop seeing the Instagram logo in the lower right, from there you can plan days to weeks in advance and even schedule the post through the app.

I never recommend scheduling posts if you can post them live instead – the theory is that scheduled posts always reach less people.

Wordswag: $4.99

I use this app beyond Instagram – I also use it to create graphics and flyers. It’s a powerful editing tool that has tons of stylish fonts and overlays. You can just type in the words you need on the image and then scroll through pretty cursive, minimal, and bold fonts. It connects to Pixabay so you can find great stock photography to add in as well.

A Design Kit: Free with In App Purchases

In the latest app by A Beautiful Mess bloggers, you can get a hyper-trendy array of backgrounds, fonts, brushes, and stickers. Even the brushes have cool color patterns that you can change to rainbows, or rose gold striations.

There are lots of free add ons but some have fees. Use this wisely because I think this app could get expensive. But overall it really is the BEST.

A Color Story: Free with In App Purchases

This is an earlier app by A Beautiful Mess which is still really great. The fonts are different and there are tons of doodles and borders like these adorable flowers I add to my cat. This app has been updated recently so may continue to be even after A Color Story’s release.

Vigo Video: Free with In App Purchases

I use this app constantly! It’s the perfect way to make photo slideshows. It’s great for Instagram because videos always get more views. It’s easy to use and all drag and drop. You can add music but I often keep mine sound free.

Whitagram: Free

If you ever have photos that are a bit too tall or a bit too wide and you don’t wait to crop them, this is the perfect app. You can add white borders to make the image square. You can also photo edit and especially brighten and whiten to make your images pop.

Boomerang: Free

I mentioned before that videos always get more views and this is a fun way to make a quick video. Boomerang is a third party app but you can click straight through from Instagram – it’s that popular.

Repost: Free

Repost is a must if you collaborate or have friends and friendly businesses that you work with. With a couple of clicks you can share others photos on your feed.

PicMonkey: $1.99


I love this photo editing app because you can smooth skin, remove wrinkles, whiten teeth and brighten eyes. You can even shave off a double chin and do little nips and tucks. Just look at the difference in my teeth in the above photo!

Like It All (Google Chrome): $20

like it all app for instagram best instagram apps

This app is actually a Google Chrome extension but it’s an absolute must! If you share any links with friends or follow bloggers this can open every link and like all the photos. It’s the perfect way to engage with more people easier.

Facebook Pixel: Free

facebook pixel best apps for instagram

Here’s another Instagram App that’s not exactly an app – it’s Facebook Pixel! And it’s a must if you want to followers to be able to click through and make a purchase. Facebook Pixel is a code/script that you enter in your website to connect the two. It helps with tracking, facebook ads, and connects to your online shop.

Hyperlapse: Free

If you love those high speed DIY & Recipe videos this app is for you. It’s an easy way to create time lapse videos directly on your phone.

Facetune: $3.99


This app is similar to PicMonkey and is totally great. It’s perfect for blemishes, and to smooth out small wrinkles. PicMonkey also has some editing capability but Facetune has the most features that are especially for faces.

Giphy Cam: Free

giphy cam best instagram tools

Giphy Cam is my new obsession. You can make quirky gifs like this. But you can also turn those gifs into videos! Instagram doesn’t support gifs but the videos are perfect for when you are feeling arty and cool.

There are so many fun filters and sticker overlays that are quirky, silly, and fun!

Pic Collage: Free

You would never know that I made the above image in Pic Collage because I used photos with a white background and then a white border. This app is perfect for combining multiple photos into the same layout.

So what do you use to rock your Instagram? Tell us in the comments!


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