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Looking for an oh so sweet pop of color for Valentine’s Day? These Conversation Heart Earrings are so much fun! They are made with real candy and can be made in a rainbow of colors. Don’t you just want to wear them? Because I sure do! Candy is just the prettiest thing because of the bright colors and cool shapes. Just check out how obsessed I am here.

detail of supplies you need to make conversation heart stud earrings

As with many stud earrings (like these adorable Heart Earrings made with a completely different technique) the supplies you need are simple!

Supplies to Make DIY Conversation Heart Stud Earrings

Conversation Hearts
Stud Earring Blanks & Backings

close up conversation heart valentine's earrings diy

Now all you need to do are these few simple steps! Keep in mind, that once you finish you will want to allow the glue to set for a full 24 hours. So if you want to wear these on a special occasion, be sure to make them the day before.

E6000 takes a full 24 hours to completely set but it’s the perfect glue for jewelry making! It’s easy and you can find it at

candy and earring blanks for diy conversation heart earrings jewelry

So let’s make these DIY Conversation Heart Earrings! First find any two pieces of candy that you think will look great together. I chose pink because it’s just so dreamy. Apply a dollop of glue to the back of the conversation heart candy. Now press the earring blank into the glue. Be sure that the entire surface of the earring blank is coated in E6000.

Allow them to dry upside down and don’t push or pull on the earring backing until the glue is completely set. And viola! You have adorable DIY Conversation Heart Earrings!

add the glue to the conversation heart to make diy candy earrings

glueing the earring backing to the candy pop shop america diy earrings

press the earring backing into the glue pop shop america

These earrings are only meant for a one time use, because it’s candy! So we just used some inexpensive earring backings to make them.

Now there is one more thing that is really important. The earring backings I used are the cheap ones from the craft supply store. They have nickel which a lot of people are allergic to. If you want something allergy free there are a few options.

First, you could try surgical stainless steel. It’s a lot less expensive than 24k gold and most people can wear surgical stainless without any issues. You could also try hypoallergenic plastic like these. Whatever you do, don’t coat the earring posts with clear nail polish! Most nail polish is toxic and this method really doesn’t work. Check out the details about this here.

finished diy conversation heart stud earrings pop shop america

We made earrings like these with other candies too! We used cool daisy shapes, Jelly Bellies & Candy Dots! Check out the video to see them in action. The most important thing is to find candies that have a flat back. This will make it easy to adhere the flat earring blank to the candy. The stronger the connection between the candy and the earring blank the better your earrings will hold up!

watch the video tutorial graphic pop shop america website
brittany bly founder pop shop america wearing diy conversation heart stud earrings

Remember that these earrings are meant for a one time wearing and then should be tossed in the trash! But they are cute while they last. So where are you going to wear these earrings? What are you going to wear them with? Tell us in the comments!

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