Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown DIY

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I just adore the look of large bright colored flowers in hair! And this Frida Kahlo inspired Flower Crown is an easy, perfect way to have bright, bold, gorgeous hair like the artist Frida Kahlo.

There are lots of different styles of Flower Crowns that are perfect for lots of different tastes. You can see 12 different Flower Crowns here. And this one is easy to make and easy to wear.

This is one of those 5 minute DIY’s that doesn’t require a lot of supplies. So here goes!

supplies to make a frida kahlo inspired flower crown diy pop shop america

Supplies to Make a Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown DIY

3-5 Large Silk Flowers in an Array of Red, Pinks, Yellows
3-5 Barrette Blanks
A Hot Glue Gun

And that’s it! As far as what flowers to use, we chose carnations and roses. Both of these flowers felt really right for the style.

pluck off the silk flowers to make a diy frida kahlo flower crown pop shop america

You can get silk flowers that do not have stems online but we got ours locally. It’s so easy to pluck them from the stem! You don’t need scissors, just gently pull the flower away from the stem and viola!

add a drop of glue to make a frida kahlo flower crown diy

adding the silk flower to the hair clip diy flower crown tutorial

Allow your glue gun to heat up and put a hefty drop of glue on your barrette blank. Immediately apply the flower. Hot glue dries really quickly so be sure to add plenty of glue and place the flower quickly. Then hold the flower in place for just a few seconds until the glue begins to set.

adding glue to the hair clip to make a frida kahlo flower crown pop shop america

how to make a flower crown frida kahlo inspired step by step

Some of your flowers may still have a large stem and that’s okay. It’s actually helping hold the interior of the silk flower in place. Just use the edge of it to glue to the barrette blank like in the image above.

finished frida kahlo flower crown hair barrettes pop shop america

We started with 3 barrettes but if you want something lush and fabulous try 5! Hot glue dries quickly, so you can wear this Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown the same day. But do give the glue 30 minutes or so to completely set.


Now it’s time to wear them! And that’s the fun part. This type of Flower Crown is best when the hair is pulled up. Otherwise you could wear one or two to the side for a more tropical Hawaiian style look. But if you are going full Frida, try wearing a high bun, messy or clean and circle the flowers around the bun in the front.

michelle bonich wearing the frida kahlo inspired flower crown pop shop america

You may need to move them around a bit until you figure out how they look best. And viola! Your Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown DIY is finished! Do you love it?

frida kahlo flower crown diy pop shop america craft blog

And if you are looking for even more Flower Crowns (aren’t we all) check these out! Here is our Texas Wildflower Crown Tutorial. And here are 12 different Flower Crown Tutorials. And just for fun, how about this Paper Flower Corsage that you could wear! Dreamy right?

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