DIY Monster Donuts Halloween Dessert

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In the mood for a simple treat that is Halloween perfect? These DIY Monster Donuts are so much fun and so easy to make. They would be fun to eat at any Halloween Party and kids will love them too! Can you imagine the tablescape that you could make with these and these Halloween Apothecary Jars?! I’m having fun already!

Best of all, these DIY Monster Donuts only need a few simple supplies! This is a 5 minute DIY, that’s quick, no-fail, and could even be made with kids. Want to make them for yourself? Let’s get started!

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Supplies to Make DIY Monster Donuts:

Chocolate Donuts (or you can make your own from scratch)
Candy Eyes
Black Frosting

A Serving Plate or Cake Dish
Make an Extra Spooky Tablescape with these Halloween Apothecary Jars

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First of all, if you are making your chocolate donuts from scratch, be sure to let them cool completely to room temperature before getting started. Any cake, cupcake, or dessert decoration must be done at room temperature to ensure that the items you add stay cool. If they melt, you can lose any stylish effects and all your pieces, in this case the candy eyes, will slide right off.

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Once the donuts are cool, it’s time for the fun to begin!

Get your candy eyes ready and your frosting ready too! Add the tiniest dab of frosting to the back of the candy eye and place it firmly on the donut. You don’t need to hold the candy in place for any length of time, it will hold in place easily.

Try to keep the amount of frosting you use minimal, think of it like Elmer’s glue. I used very little so you wouldn’t see the frosting, instead you just see the Monster Eyes!

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The candy eyes are crispy and crunchy and perfectly edible! They used to be hard to find and only available at cake shops, but lately I’ve seen them at most grocery stores and craft supply stores.

If you don’t like them, you just think of them as a stylish decoration, and pop the candy eyes off before you eat the donut.


You can arrange your eyes any way you like! Make stripes of eyes, add them all around the donut in a circle, or just add 2 eyes – like a mini donut person! Now there are 2 ways you could make a cool tray of Monster Eye Donuts:

1. Lay out all of the eyes, on every donut, using the same pattern. This is a cool way to make a collection of perfectly matching donuts.

2. Make every Monster Donut different! That’s what I did here.


Your Monster Eye Donuts are ready to eat immediately. These donuts will keep under a cake tray for around 2 days and a few days longer in a refrigerator. If you are making these for a party, I would recommend creating them early the same day or the day before.


So what kind of party are you going to make these DIY Monster Donuts for?! And what other Halloween Decor are you going to use? Tell us in the comments and if you are looking for more Halloween Party Inspiration these Halloween Shrinky Dinks could make perfect wine glass markers. And this Moon Phase Wall Hanging would make a wildly stylish party decor.


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