DIY Fall Cards with Your Cats (or other Animal Friends)

diy fall cards with your cats

I admit it. I only use my camera phone for taking photos of my cats and dogs! When I scroll through my photos, they’re about 90% cats doing something cute and 10% dogs being silly.

It’s ridiculous. Here’s a fun way to put those cat photos to good use and to spend some quality time with your cats too. Let’s get in the Autumn spirit with these DIY Fall Cards!

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First of all, all you need are a few simple supplies and a well fed cat! My cats are so much happier when they get healthy food that they love. Our best hang outs always happen after they get a big meal. Afterwards, they always want to relax, cuddle and hang out. It’s so fun.

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Mostly I give them wet food to keep them hydrated with just a touch of dry. It makes their fur super soft and luxurious. You can tell a big difference right now, as their winter coat starts to come in. I actually gave them a double helping of cat food so I could get them to come craft these Fall Cards with me! *Sneaky Cat Trick*

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So let’s get started!

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Supplies for Making Fall Cards with Your Cats

High End Paper + Mini Cards in Orange, Copper, Gold, and Cream
Rubber Cement
A Gel Ink or Rolling Ball Pen
Printed Out Photos of Your Cats (I just used a regular home printer and regular paper)
Optional: Stickers

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I got all these mini cards, papers, and stickers at a local stationery shop. They are dense, thick and really lovely! Having the right paper for this project makes all the difference.

I picked a ombre palette from copper, to gold, to bright Halloween orange. It has a touch of cream accents too. I picked a few different shaped papers and a few cards with envelopes.

Next print out your favorite cat photos on regular copy paper. I used a home printer, but you could go to a local print shop too. It’s better to use a lightweight paper for this step, so regular copy paper is just perfect for this!

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Before you start cutting, try to figure out what cat you want to use for what paper. This will help you measure everything out without any mistakes.

Some of the images, I cut into very regal looking cat busts. Some of them I left the whole picture intact. Either way is totally fine and super cute.

Once you get your images matched up with your paper, it’s time to glue them! The best glue for paper is rubber cement because it will not make your paint warp and wobble.

But school glue will work just fine too.

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I tried to keep my cards silly and fun! I’m going to send these to my friends and family and wanted to make something that would give them a laugh!

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Now that you have your images down, you may want to consider writing messages. It’s super fun to write them from the perspective of your pet! I chose messages like:

Happy Fall Y’All

Guess What Cobra’s Going to Be for Halloween?

and Fall Greetings from Handsome the Cat

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#shop make these diy fall cards with your cats

Let’s Stay Friends!

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