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Oh air plants! I love them so much. They are such a versatile plant that can be displayed in lots of different unique ways. Air plants are lovely as hanging sculptures. They can be added to terrariums. They are cool enough for a modern boho wedding. This Easy Air Plant Centerpiece was created by sheer luck and accident at my home!

It makes such a carefree and easy tabletop display. This Easy Air Plant Centerpiece spontaneously happened because we are constantly teaching Terrarium Workshops. We have succulents and air plants lying around all over our office, studio, and homes! They’re everywhere!

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Air plants make wonderful house plants. They are best near a window and need water about once a week. This spot in my home gives these air plants enough light. And it’s an easy way to see when they need water because we sit at this table a lot.

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All your need to make this Easy Air Plant Centerpiece are an abundance of air plants and a large cylindrical glass vase. All of my air plants are small – just a few inches wide and perhaps 6-7 inches long.

My glass vase is 12 inches tall and I used about 20 air plants total.

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Stack them in your vase loose and gently. Try to position them in a way so that they don’t weigh each other down. This will keep them healthier and minimize the amount of air plants that you need for this centerpiece. Remember that you will be removing the air plants from the vase at least weekly to water and care for them.

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Lovely right? It pairs so well with these handmade coasters + mini felt succulent.

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Are you going to make an Air Plant Centerpiece for yourself? Show us in the comments! And check out the links below if you just can’t get enough air plants.

easy air plant centerpiece pop shop america

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