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Free Vintage Tile Phone Backgrounds

It’s warm (hot most of the times), always sunny and totally Summer now! And Summer to me means bright colours, fresh fruits, travel and vacation… but also getting creative. And if you’re enjoying a sweet Summer vacation, then lucky you! As for me, this year I’ll stick to the creativity point 😉

And while I won’t have a proper vacation anytime soon, I’m surely loving taking some time off and getting creative just for the sake of it. Also, you might not know but I’m recently incredibly obsessed with vintage tiles patterns – they look so old-style and SO Italian to me (and I’m Italian – they just have a special place into my heart). I love vintage tiles patterns in any form: I currently have a quite big collection of tiles-inspired beddings (!) and can’t stop adding them as details into my client’s branding projects. They’re so beautiful, and also quite fun to create!

Merge the two things and you’ll get how the idea for vintage titles phone wallpapers was born in a first place: I played around with some sketches just for fun, and thought the result was so summery and fresh, they were perfect to be used as phone wallpaper this time of the year!

If you like vintage tiles as much as I do, then feel free to download your own phone wallpaper choice between the three below (or maybe all of them if you prefer – no problem!), and have fun showing them off on your phone screen!

Happy Summer everyone!

Vintage Tiles Phone Wallpaper Navy Blue Free Download


Vintage Tiles Phone Wallpaper Brick Red Free Download


Vintage Tiles Phone Wallpaper Mint Green Free Download


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