Easy DIY Lavender Drawer Sachet

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Stop and smell the lavender! Here is the easiest DIY. It’s such a lovely addition to any dresser drawers or closet. It’s pretty, it smells wonderful and it will certainly help you relax. It’s a simple DIY Lavender Drawer Sachet that was included in the May 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box.

The Craft in Style Subscription Box is full of unique craft supplies to make and complete multiple projects per month. We started May 2019 with DIY Geometric Concrete Planters and then learned how to color concrete. Then we made these DIY Lavender Drawer Sachets. You can buy the standalone Lavender Sachet Mini Kit here.

All of these projects are perfect for a stylish bedroom! So let’s make these lovely Lavender Drawer Sachets.

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Supplies to Make Lavender Drawer Sachets

Lavender Sachet Mini Kit
Organza Bag or Muslin Bag
Dried Lavender

First, start with a tablespoon or so of fragrant lavender. The more scented the better. This one here is fragrant and has the prettiest color too!

white organza bag to make a lavender drawer sachet

Next, gather an equal amount of rice. For most organza and muslin bags this will be around 1 tablespoon.

Place both the lavender and the rice in the muslin or organza bag and set it in a drawer. The rice helps keep moisture away from the lavender and helps the life of the scent.

supplies to make a lavender drawer sachet pop shop america

Depending on your palette, the scent should last at least 1 month. As the scent starts to fade, use your hands to give the contents a little squeeze. Squeezing the lavender will release more scent.

If you want to add even more, add just a few drops of lavender essential oil every week or so. Just be cautious to keep the oil away from your clothes to prevent it from staining them.

finished diy lavender drawer sachet for craft in style subscription box

And viola! Your very own easy Lavender Drawer Sachets. You don’t have to just put them in your dresser drawers. You could add them to a book shelf. Keep them with your bathroom drawers to keep them fresh or even add them to your hamper. Your car would be another lovely choice!

Lavender is known for being a relaxing herb that can effect people’s moods and help users to sleep. It is said to effect particular neural receptors to create this effect in addition to altering the body’s levels of seratonin. For a fun and thoroughly scientific explanation, check out this paper.

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And if you need even more lavender in your life, try this easy lavender sugar scrub that you can DIY here or try this Handmade Lavender & Beeswax Candle. Or if you want to make this wonderful DIY Lavender Sachet, don’t miss the Lavender Sachet Mini Kit.

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