How to Make a Moon Phase Flip Book with Printable

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Want to make a dreamy Moon Phase Flip Book? It’s an adorable prop that is perfect for your night stand. It’s also very simple to make.

It would be a fun way to remember all the phases of the moon and to appreciate all the lovely things that nighttime has to offer. A big part of my self-care rituals that help me sleep better are to include contemplation of night time. And I love finding cute ways to relax. I’ve also seen these Moon Phase Charts used as a learning tool.

This Moon Phase Flip Book DIY was one of the free goodies included in our May 2019 Craft in Style Box. The Craft in Style Box is a subscription that delivers to your door new cool craft supplies each month. All the supplies fit together to create multiple projects. May 2019 started with Geometric Concrete Vessels that are perfect on your dresser or night stand. Then we learned how to color concrete. Next we made easy Lavender Drawer Sachets to make your dresser smell just lovely!

And now here we are so let’s get started making this Moon Phase Flip Book.


Supplies to Make a Moon Phase Flip Book

Moon Phase Flip Book Printable (free to download here)
8.5 x 11 inch card stock, HP OfficeJet (recommended printer)
A Hole Punch (or you can just hand punch it)
1 Brad


Assembling your printable is easy! Just make sure you download the free printable here. Then print it on regular medium weight card stock. The printable has 2 pages: the first will show you the order of your flip book from your waxing to your waning moons. The second page is the one that should be cut into sections and assembled into the book.


Try to cut your pieces evenly as the more even the book pages, the easier it will flip. Your moons will be on the right side of the page and the blank parts will be on the left. The blank part on the left is where the book will attach with a brad.


Use the first page as your guide to place the moons in order from top to bottom. The new moon will be the first page and the waning crescent will be the last page. Page by page, poke the brad through the paper. Be sure that your pages continue to line up along the edges.

If you have a hole punch, you could use that too, but you will likely still need to work page by page. Whatever you use, be delicate as to not bend and crease the book, since that will prevent it from flipping properly.


And viola! Your very own Moon Phase Flip Book! I have mine on my night stand next to my bed. Where will you put yours? If you love this DIY don’t miss out on downloading this free printable. And shop the Craft in Style Subscription Box where you will get supplies to create projects each month in addition to stylish printables like this.

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