How to Make Easy Homemade Lip Balm

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Here’s a perfect Summer DIY! Learn how to make your own handmade lip gloss. You probably already have most of the ingredients lying around your house and these DIY Lip Balms make a great gift and it’s a great slumber party activity.

This lip balm only requires a few simple ingredients shown here.

supplies to make your own essential oil lip gloss


Coconut Oil
Almond Oil (You can substitute for olive oil, jojoba, or lots more)
Essential Oils (Check out the Essential Oil Recipes Below)
A Crock Pot
Cheese Grater
Containers for your Lip Gloss

grate the beeswax how to make easy lip gloss

Let’s start by plugging in that Crock Pot and grating some Beeswax. You don’t have to use a crock pot. You can use your stove or a hot plate. I use a crock pot because it travels so well and we make balms and glosses at our workshops often.

add almond oil to make your own homemade lip balm

Next, add the coconut oil and almond oil. Notice how I don’t give measurements for any of the ingredients? That’s because it can vary! It’s pretty hard to mess up. The one tip is that beeswax is the ingredient that makes a dense waxy. I recommend using these measurements.


2 Parts Coconut Oil
2 Parts Almond Oil
1 Part Beeswax

pour the melted beeswax, almond oil and coconut oil in a pourable container

Once your beeswax melts down completely, add the liquid mix to a container that is smaller and easy to pour from. It takes about 15 minutes for your beeswax to melt completely. Stirring regularly while you have your beeswax, coconut oil, and almond oil in a crock pot helps a lot.

carefully pour into your small containers

Next fill your lip gloss containers with your lip balm base. This is actually a finished gloss – you don’t need to add essential oils, but essential oils make it so much fun! If you want to make all of them the same flavor you can add the essential oils to the mix before you pour into the small containers. But whoever wants the same flavor?

Once you add the essential oils make sure you stir the mix really thoroughly. Once your lip gloss cools it will set. So be sure to completely integrate that essential oil before it cools.

my favorite essential oil blends for summer

My favorite Essential Oil in the summer is honeysuckle hands down! Honeysuckle essential oil does really well on it’s own but you can also mellow it out with a little Wild Orange and Clary Sage.

How much essential oil should you use?

It’s a great topic but the answer is a little abstract. First it depends on the size of the lip gloss container. But it also depends on the brand of Essential Oil you are using. For the containers we used, 5 drops total is plenty. I’m a big fan of Doterra oils which are very strong. If you are a using a store bought brand – even from Whole Foods – you may want to use closer to 10 drops.

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essential oil recipes for spring and summer essential oil blends

finished lip gloss diy homemade lip balm recipe

Happy Glossing!

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