4 More European Etsy Shops You Should Know About

European Etsy Shops You should know about

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Not long ago I wrote about some of my favourite European Etsy shops, but the truth is there are so many more small businesses and creatives worth to support. I love discovering new handmade items on Etsy, and I love ordering from other creatives – that’s for sure! And you know how much I love to support and shop local. So today I’m introducing you to four more European Etsy shops you should know about, and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do!

Not only these shops are the result of creativity and huge passion, but they’re also beautiful and unique realities from the handmade world you can’t not fall in love with…

4 European Etsy Shops: Nastia Sleptsova
4 European Etsy Shops: Nastia Sleptsova

Nastia Sleptsova

Nastia is a talented illustrator based in Ukraine, illustrating paper goods, postcards and stationery in general for a living. Her illustrations are so unique and different, with a nordic but friendly feel, that you can’t not immediately love her work as you see it. I’m a big fan of her house illustrations and the idea of turning them into tiny broochs. But everything in her shop is absolutely beautiful.

4 European Etsy Shops: Cera Una Bolla
4 European Etsy Shops: Cera Una Bolla

Cera Una Bolla

This one is a beautiful little soap shop from my beloved Italy. They make true art with soap and wax, I’m not kidding! All their products are completely natural and vegan, and they make it a mission to only use locally sourced materials and ingredients. Their soaps are a pleasure to look at, their candles smell like heaven, and their parcels make your home smell like a field of lavender. You have to check them out!

4 European Etsy Shops: Fiorigami
4 European Etsy Shops: Fiorigami


Another one from Italy, Lucia makes origami flowers and brings them to life into bridal (and non) bouquets, dainty jewellery pieces, home decor items and paper goods. Her world made of colours and paper was such a joy to discover. I love having my paper posy, made of flowers that will never die or turn brown!

4 European Etsy Shops: Natural Ruby
4 European Etsy Shops: Natural Ruby

Natural Ruby

Natural Ruby is a recent discovery, but a lovely one! Flower lover and Berlin-based Grace founded this little Etsy shop with a mission of delivering a wide variety of dried flowers and foliage. This shop is a true gem! All the flowers are dried by Grace herself, and you can find any kind of flowers in there! Perfect for home decor solutions, but also as wedding supplies.


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