Free Succulents & Flowers Birthday Cards

free birthday cards with succulents and flowers pop shop america

Happy Birthday to . . . well someone anyway! What’s funny is that I actually designed these Free Succulents & Flowers Birthday Cards around the time of my birthday. That’s back in February but I am just now posting them!

There’s something about these birthday cards that just feels so summery and fun! There are 3 different cards in this set and all of them you can download for free and keep forever.

flower and succulent birthday card printables pop shop america

One reads “Happy Birthday to You (And Many More)” and showcases a gorgeous bouquet of fresh and modern style flowers. It’s bright, cheery and colorful but also refined and classy. It’s a great Birthday Card for all kinds of people! And being free makes it even better.

free succulent and flowers printable birthday cards

The next reads, “Here’s Your Style of Birthday Bouquet! Hope Your Birthday is Succulent” which is perfect for any plant lady. It’s pink and full of succulents. You know we are terrarium crazy here at Pop Shop America so this card was a must.


Happy Birthday Card with Flower Bouquet_small

succulents birthday card pop shop america_small

succulents birthday card pop shop america_small

The 3rd card says “May You Blossom on Your Birthday!” and it’s full of an array of flowers. The link will give you all 3 download file links. You can print one or print them all.

3 free birthday cards with flowers and succulents

These Free Succulents & Flowers Birthday Cards are best printed on card stock so they are thick and professional. I would not recommend printing them on regular copy paper because it’s just too flimsy. You can print them on a home printer or take them to a print shop. Either one is fine!

You can also print them on 4×6 postcards and mail them to someone you love. These files are a standard mailing size. The images are just one sided – the other side is blank. So you can personalize messages, draw pictures, anything you like. And all of these files are pdf’s so you know they will print perfectly!

Looking for something next level to DIY with your current birthday cards? Check out this DIY Envelope Art that is such a great way to upcycle cards.

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