Wildflower Smudge Bundle DIY

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Looking for a bit of magic in the air? This Wildflower Smudge Bundle DIY is sure to bring some! It is oh so pretty and feel so great to make. I made mine in just a few minutes and totally love the way it turned out. You know how I feel about wildflowers, so this was a no brainer!

It is perfect for clearing your space. You can gently burn wildflower bundles in your home, like you would sage or palo santo, to bring some peace. They are so pretty that you could use them as a decoration dried in a vase or laying on a bookshelf.

Making this Wildflower Smudge Bundle DIY is easy so let’s get started!

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Other Flowers like Rose
A Small Piece of Cedar

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Before we start to make the bundle, let’s talk about choosing your flowers. Anything you burn in your home has a meaning. Sage, the most popular is about energy clearing. For these bundles, we’re using a small piece of cedar in the center and then wrapping the wildflowers around it.

Cedar is all about protection. The wildflowers create the energy of renewal and rebirth – kind of like spring. If you choose to use roses in these bundles, those represent positivity and happiness. Burning them all together will fill you with the energy of protection and joy as well!

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To make them, first place a piece of cedar in the center of the bundle. Then line up the flowers so they are all facing the same direction. You may want to trim the ends of your flowers so they are they same length.

Then just wrap them together with you twine. I used thick twine you you could see how I bundled the flowers, but you could use much thinner twine to help it burn easier.

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If your flowers are green like mine, you will need to dry them more before you burn them. Just hang them upside down in a place where it won’t get knocked around and it doesn’t get too much light. Allow it to dry until the leaves are crisp.

Then, put a bit of magic in the air! So what flowers are you going to use in your Wildflower Smudge Bundle DIY? What wildflowers are in your area? Tell us in the comments below.

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