Happy Sun Kawaii Fun | Pop Shop America Spring Look Book 2016

pop-spring-look-book-intro | Happy Sun Kawaii Fun Look Book Spring by Pop Shop America Design Co.

What is up with Pop Shop America and kawaii lately? It’s like we can’t get enough! We were truly inspired by color this season and wanted everything in this collection, Happy Sun Kawaii Fun, to feel light, sunny, bright, and happy. It’s a youthful candy overload of tons of handmade goods that you can shop at Pop Shop America online boutique. These items are handmade by companies that participate in Pop Shop Houston Art Festival and companies that you can only find online.



anime-hair-clips-by-linkster-love | cute barrettes at Pop Shop America online boutique handmade goods crafts

Anime Barrettes Handmade by Linkster Love

This look book was shot outside of Michael C. Rodriguez‘s mural at Winter Street Studios. Winter Street Studios is the sister studio and right next door to our festival home at Silver Street Studios. All photos and makeup were created by me – Brittany Bly. Modeling this look book is Cristina and Michelle. They are not touched up. They are not air brushed. At Pop Shop America, we like ladies that look like humans (thank you very much!). And Cristina and Michelle truly are beautiful ladies. They are not professional models but super fun and silly girls that have been friends for a long time.



Origami Star Earrings by Josh Davis

I always say that friendship and happiness are about the prettiest things in the world. We hope you get that feeling out of this Happy Sun Kawaii Fun. All items from this collection are available at Pop Shop America online here or scroll down for quick links to the shop items.


michael-rodriguez-mural-blank | Michael Rodriguez mural at Winter Street Studios 77007

Mural by Michael C. Rodriguez | The Setting for the Happy Sun Kawaii Fun Look Book

cristina-with-balloons-1 | T Shirt by Stovepipe and heart sunglasses available at Pop Shop America Shop Local Boutique

Cristina wearing Pop Shop America Wishes Tank Top | Illustration by Stovepipe


Strawberry & Strawberry Coin Purse

michelle-wearing-cookie-kawaii-earrings shop at Pop Shop America online boutique | From the Happy Sun Kawaii Fun Spring Look Book

Michelle wearing Heart Cookie Stud Earrings, Supermaggie Pyramid T-Shirt Dress and Best Fucking Bitches Necklace


Michelle wearing Supermaggie Pyramid T-Shirt Dress in Black


Best Fucking Bitches Necklace Set


Cristina wearing Grapefruit Stud Earrings


Cristina wearing Pyramid T-Shirt Dress by Supermaggie and Dinosaur Brooch by Jason Villegas


Crochet Lace Tights Coming Soon

kittens-coin-purse | Cat pouches Shop Cat Coin Purse at Pop Shop America Online Fashion Website

Kitten Coin Purses 

michelle-with-lollipop happy sun kawaii fun look book at Pop Shop America Fashion Blog


Michelle & Cristina with Cute Kawaii Rings and Anime Hair Clips by Linkster Love

pop-spring-look-book-intro | Happy Sun Kawaii Fun Look Book Spring by Pop Shop America Design Co.

Let’s Stay Friends!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Sun Kawaii Fun | Pop Shop America Spring Look Book 2016

  1. Jeanette says:

    These are some definitely alternative ideas to fashion. It’s not my taste but I have a friend that would be all over everything that you have in this page I am totally telling her about this.

  2. Naj says:

    I love these awesome pieces! My daughter would have a fit trying to wear all of these at one. Some I would even rock for myself like the Grapefruit Stud earrings. Cute!

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