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New Years always gets me in the cleaning spirit.

Last year, around this time, I got my dresser cleaned up and turned it into an altar. This year, I’ve got to do a little more to do – lol. We have a TV that we never use, a midcentury couch that needs to go, and a bunch of other things just lying around and taking up space!

I hate to throw these items out because they are worthing something! But I hate dealing with Craigslist too. There are just too many bogus threads, spam, and creepers (sorry craigslist – you are great for so many things but not great for a family trying to declutter their home!)

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VarageSale is an app founded in 2012 by a Stay at Home Mom that was inspired by all of the facebook groups and diy groups popping up all over the internet. There were, and still are, whole communities of sellers that are using yahoo groups and places like that to sell their stuff.

What’s cool about VarageSale is that it’s a space dedicated to buying and selling. Users can can post and sell new and gently used items like electronics, furniture, baby items, handmade items and craft supplies. The app is completely free to download, completely free to use, and completely free when you make a sale. Amazing right?

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VarageSale fills in the gaps between Ebay, Etsy, Nextdoor, and Craigslist. It’s a bit of a blend of all of these online platforms.

First of all, there are lots of different categories to choose from when you are making a purchase or selling an item – it’s not just limited to electronics, furniture, and baby items, although those are some of the most popular categories. Some of the more unusual and interesting items I found on VarageSale are welding machines, fresh pequin peppers from someone’s yard, and houses for sale!

When you download the app, it will ask you your location and show you the VarageSale Groups that are in your area. You won’t be browsing around at items that are 500 miles away. VarageSale allows you to shop and sell to people in your nearby community. It’s a cool way to get to know your neighbors and help each other. You can sell together, declutter with your neighbors, and trade unwanted items too.

The biggest reason that I prefer VarageSale to Craigslist, is that each group in each area has a moderator , or “ambassador”, which ensures that all the listings are legitimate. Each user has a profile picture and star rating. The more you post, purchase, and sell well, the more that acquire ratings culminating in becoming a top rated seller. It ensures a lot of trust in the buying and selling process and helps keep everyone safe.

Celina Zamora, the Houston area VarageSale ambassador says about the app, “We want to be at the center of every community.” And there are sweet success stories all over the web. Like Stephanie Schmidt, a VarageSale Seller from New Orleans says, “By just going on VarageSale, I pretty much saved $2,000. It paid for almost half of our trip and spending money [trip for a family of 5 to Disney World].”

Learn More about VarageSale Here.

Or Download the Free iPhone App Here.

4 thoughts on “Declutter Your Home with VarageSale App

  1. Louida says:

    I need to check this app out. I will be doing another decluttering of my home soon, and this app will be useful. And I agree with you, you got to be careful using Craigslist, a lot of creepers on there.

  2. Antionette Blake says:

    This is great, we have something similar in Delaware I just need to start posting because I have a lot of electronics that I need to get rid of and I am tired of doing yard sales in the spring/summer.

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