Holiday Painted Pinecone DIY

Bring in some modern holiday charm with this super easy DIY! Make these Holiday Painted Pine cones. It is an easy and fun diy that will only take you a few minutes to create yourself.

They make the perfect holiday decoration because you can use them in so many different ways. Make a few and add them all together in a festival bowl near the entry way. Or you could attach them to a holiday gift for some extra style. They can attach to holiday garlands as a center piece. Or you could hang them on a tree like an ornament.

You can make them in any color. We even made one ombre that you will see below. So let’s get started making our Holiday Painted Pinecone DIY!


To make these DIY Holiday Painted Pine Cones all you need are some small Paint Brushes and acrylic paint. You can use any color paint you like, but you may want to consider colors that are fit with the pine cone and holiday colors too.

I used bright and pretty white for most of the pine cones. White is so prim and proper and is simple and subtle too! It makes the pine cone look snowy.

To paint them, you don’t have to be too careful, just add some paint to the tip of each piece and wait for them to dry.

They don’t have to be perfect! Just try to add your paint along the edges and make sure you get every piece. It will take a few minutes since there are so many spines.


You may want to add a few layers or choose a full bodied paint. In the pine cone below, I started with white on top and slowly faded it to a sage green to make a holiday inspired ombre! I love this one! You can tell on this one how messy it is when you get really close, so seriously, don’t worry about making them perfect.

ombre painted pine cone made at pop shop america

Now what to do with your Holiday Painted Pinecone DIY? We mention a lot of ideas at the top of this blog but here are a few -add them to the outside of a gift instead of a holiday bow. Add them to your tree or a holiday inspired garland.


Whatever you do, I hope these pinecones bring you joy and happy holidays to you!


painted pine cones holiday pop shop america

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