How to Make a Tassel Bookmark

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Aren’t tassels so much fun? They make perfect earrings and are fun for pillows too! In this tutorial we’re going to use embroidery floss to create a tassel and attach it to a simple and pretty cardstock bookmark!

This diy is simple, fast, and so much fun to make. It’s perfect if you love books or keep a journal. And it makes a great gift. This was just one little freebie inside the August 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box.

That’s our subscription box full of different craft supplies and new projects each month. The other August DIYs are: Dye Your Own Picnic Blanket & Tote Bag and Start a Summer Bullet Journal.If you think this is pretty neat, make sure you check out the Craft in Style subscription box and consider gifting yourself a subscription!

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Supplies to Make a Tassel Bookmark

Hole Punch (or just poke it with the tip of scissors)
Embroidery Floss
& A Book to Use your Bookmark!

First cut strips of your cardstock. The more even the cut, the more professional your bookmark will look. Use a paper cutter or a ruler and pencil if you don’t have a large cutter.

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Bookmarks don’t have to be a certain height or certain width. They just need to have a tall thin shape so you can get creative!

Once you have the shape cut, punch a hole near the edge on a slender side. If you don’t have a hole punch, carefully poke a hole with scissors or a sharp instrument.

Now for the tassel!

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To make a tassel, you actually need 3 pieces of embroidery thread. Two pieces that are around 8 to 12 inches and a third infinitely long piece. The shorter pieces make up the interior top knot that is later used to attach the tassel to the bookmark. And the second is to tie the tassel together at the end.

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If you want even more detailed instructions, watch our video of how to make tassel earrings here. Sometimes seeing the motions and steps in action is the easiest way to understand how to do it.

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When attaching the tassel to the bookmark, use a balloon knot. This will double the amount of embroidery floss stringing the tassel to the bookmark and will be a lot stronger. And viola! You have your very own Tassel Bookmark.

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Now it’s just time for some reading. One thing I didn’t mention is how much fun it is to choose the color of embroidery floss and the color of the cardstock to make your bookmark.

I chose a teal and flower combination in addition to a salmon and turquoise color palette! The colors are perfect for summer.

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Now it’s all about finding cool ways to use your bookmark. You could add it to a diy bullet journal to keep your place. And these bookmarks would also make a fun gift.

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If you want to make a DIY Tassel Bookmark for yourself, it only takes a few supplies! Grab them and make yourself an adorable bookmark!

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