How to Make the Pop Shop America Crystal Ball Halloween Card

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If you shopped the DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Card and Sticker Pack you are in for a treat! It’s an adorable way to send someone a Halloween greeting and it comes with a 4×6 sheet of stickers with over 35 Halloween themed stickers.

Best of all the card is made to have a squishy, squeezy jelly crystal ball made from DIY Galaxy Slime! It’s so much fun. Here are instructions on how to put the card together.

supplies inside the halloween crystal ball card and sticker pack

Items You Get in the DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Card and Sticker Pack

4×6 Folded Greeting Card
4×6 Sticker Sheet
4×6 Black Mailing Envelope
1 Bag of Black Galaxy Slime
1 Bag of Glitter
1 Bag of Star Sparkles Glitter

And Additionally You Will Need:

A Small Piece of Tape
or Any Glue that does not heat up (no epoxy or hot glue)

how to punch a hole in the crystal ball halloween card

Your greeting card is already punched with a 2 inch round circle. That’s where the slime will become a crystal ball! If you are making a card like this from scratch, then you can use a 2 inch hole punch to make your own hole – just be sure that when you are designing the card, the hole will be close enough to the edge. Most hole punches have a lip that only allows you to punch within a certain area.

stickers inside the crystal ball halloween card and sticker pack pop shop america

With your stickers, it’s anything goes! Use scissors to cut them out, add them to the card, stick them on your folders, laptop, cell phone or anywhere you like! We were going for a cool spooky Halloween style and not a cheesy pumpkin spice latte style of Halloween style.

add glitter and sparkles to the black slime pop shop america

To make your jelly crystal ball, add your star sparkles and glitter to your Black Galaxy Slime and squish it all together. It’s pretty fun to squish, right?! Be sure to keep it all in the same bag of slime!

where to place the slime inside the diy halloween card

Next attach the bag of slime to the interior front of the card so that the slime will show through the hole in the front of the card. I would recommend attaching it with just a few tiny pieces double sided tape. However, any type of tape or any glue that does not heat up will work. You can’t use glue that heats up – like hot glue or E6000 because it may melt the bag. Once your slime is attached, Viola! You have your own Halloween Jelly Crystal Ball Card. Squish it. Move it around. Or just have fun with it!

finished crystal ball halloween slime card diy pop shop america

Your card comes with a standard mailing envelope inside so you could keep it or send it as a cool Halloween gift! Love this card? Then you gotta get one for yourself here.

finished crystal ball card pack with envelope pop shop america

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