How to Make Black Galaxy Slime

This DIY is a little different for me. I’m not really a slime kinda gal and there are so many amazing bloggers that have written great slime recipe tutorials using liquid starch, borax, and even contact lens solution.

But I made this slime recipe specifically to show you how I made the “crystal ball” jelly for this awesome Halloween Card & Sticker Set you can shop from us at Pop Shop America! It’s not just how you make the slime – but also how you use the slime that can be so cool! So let’s make it.

supplies to make diy galaxy slime recipe pop shop america

Supplies to Make Black Galaxy Slime:

Regular Elmer’s Glue
Super Black Food Dye
Liquid Starch
Iridescent Glitter
Star & Shaped Glitter Sparkles

In Addition to:
A Bowl
A Liquid Measuring Cup
A Heavy Spoon for Mixing

add glue to make black galaxy slime recipe pop shop america

how to make slime add water pop shop america craft tutorial

First add, 2 parts Elmer’s Glue & 1 Part Water to a mixing bowl. The measurements I used were 1/2 cup of glue and 1/4 cup of water to a bowl. But you can make larger batches as well!

Stir the glue and water thoroughly.

mix together the glue and water to make diy slime

Next add around 1/4 teaspoon of Super Black Food Dye. If you are making a larger batch of slime, you might need more dye. It’s one of those things you can eyeball and then add more as you need it.

add food color to the black galaxy slime recipe

food dye colors swirling together in black galaxy slime

Watching the color of the food dye, blend with the glue and water mixture is really pleasant. It’s a gorgeous process!

add black food color to make diy galaxy slime recipe

black galaxy slime recipe diy pop shop america

Once these ingredients are blended, then and only then should you blend in 1 part of liquid starch. The liquid starch is always added last!

The full recipe is 2 parts Elmer’s Glue, 1 part water, 1 part liquid starch.

mix liquid starch to make diy slime pop shop america

When you add the starch, you’re slime mixture will immediately change consistencies. You can continue to mix it, or let the slime rest for a few minutes and mix some more.

Letting the slime rest, by leaving it alone for a few minutes will help the texture of the slime. It will help it get to that stretchy but not gooey at all perfect consistency!

add confetti to the diy slime recipe tutorial

Now I added glittery star sparkles and iridescent glitter to mine. But you can add black glitter or other sparkle shapes too. You can also add the glitter early, when you mix together the glue, water, and food dye.

But I chose to add the glitter at the end to create a marble swirl of glitter – like a galaxy. It’s a lot like clay marbling – just glitter instead of clay.

finished black galaxy slime recipe diy pop shop america

Now your Black Galaxy Slime is done! You can remove it from the bowl stretch it and have fun! Soak the bowl in water and just scrub it or add it to a dishwasher like a normal dish. The clean up is fairly easy.

recipe for black galaxy slime diy pop shop america

To store your slime, keep it in a tupperware or ziplock bag to prevent it from drying out. Only keep it for a few weeks and toss is immediately if it starts to develop discolorations.

holding finished black galaxy slime diy pop shop america

And don’t miss our Halloween Crystal Ball & Sticker Pack that comes with it’s own slime as a cool jelly crystal ball!

How to Make Slime Recipe from Pop Shop America on Vimeo.

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