How to See What Content from Your Website Others Have Pinned on Pinterest

See What's Been Pinned on Pinterest by Others in this easy tutorial

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Pinterest is a giant of social media. We at Pop Shop absolutely love it. It’s perfect for creative businesses.

The pins that you create are permanent and can get repinned at any time. It’s full of handmade goods and the best place to see dreamy, idealized, beautiful, creative everything. Many pins are direct from showing off handmade products galore. You can even see the price and just click straight through to the product. It’s also perfect for DIYs. That’s where pinterest thrives – in all the recipes, how to make your own party supplies, laundry soap, holiday decor, and how to fix up the house.

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But it’s hard to tell what content other people are sharing from your website. Do people visit your DIYs on your website and save them for later? Have people checked out your handmade products and pinned them because they fit into one of their style boards?

Good thing Pinterest has given everyone a little sneaky way to find out.


Visit the url:


In the url shown above, add your domain after source/ .  You don’t have to add anything else. Be sure that you don’t add a www before your unique url. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

See What People Have Pinned from Your Website

Your can see our page too at:

and compare and contrast to your own url. It’s all of our pins repinned by other people!

So what’s the point of Finding Out What Other People Have Pinned on Pinterest from Your Website? 

Grow Your Followers – Find your Friends – Find Your Fans: Notice someone that’s pinned a lot of your content? Or notice a friend that you had no idea was even on pinterest? Reviewing what others have pinned is a great way to see who’s out there. You can follow new people or reach out and say hi. Hey, it is social media after all! 

See Your Most Popular Content:  Notice that your Recipes are Getting Repinned but Your Home DIYs aren’t? Maybe it’s time to rethink what you’re pinning. Perhaps add more recipes, or use different words to describe things? Maybe the photos could improve? Anyway, this is a great jumping off point to help you get where you are going.

I hope that this helps you! Good luck with your pinterest and happy pinning!


Free Small Business Tools from Pop Shop America DIY Blog

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5 thoughts on “How to See What Content from Your Website Others Have Pinned on Pinterest

  1. Hannah says:

    This is so helpful, thank you! I’ve had a personal Pinterest since it basically started but I’m only just now trying to use it to my blog’s advantage. This was something I had no idea existed!

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