Lisa Frank: Graphic Design in Vintage 80s Rainbow Heaven

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Nothing says kid in the 80s like Lisa Frank! Her rainbow neon dreamland of animals and fun parties is iconically 1980s. What you may not know is that Lisa Frank is a real person and that the company designed these cool items in house.

Most items were school supplies and geared towards kids, teens, and girls. The images ranged from puppies to dolphins, lots of cool ombres, unicorns, happy faces, and hearts. Products included Trapper Keepers, erasers, folders, pencil cases, backpacks, and lots of other things.

It’s a rainbow dreamland.

Of course, Lisa Frank Company has slowed down in recent years – their hay day was the mid to late 1990’s. So the best items from them are vintage and the best places to hunt them down are Ebay and Etsy.

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Over the last few years, some of the drama surrounding the company has come to light in a sharp contrast to all the puppies and rainbows. If you want to hear more about this company’s disastrous lawsuits, accusations of abuse, and monetary decline, you have to read this exciting blog by Jezebel. Don’t skip the comments for juicy details by former employees and partners.

But back to those neon ballet kittens. Don’t let the drama ruin the art that is so pure, so fun, and so rainbow-rific. So let’s take a minute to drool and swoon over some vintage Lisa Frank products from

1. Vintage Easter Tin, The Vintage Realm, $50

2. Note Card with Sunflowers & Kittens, Collectors Warehouse, $6.50

3. 1989 Deadstock Cats & Dogs Book Covers, Top Shelf Vintage Co., $9.99

4. Lisa Frank Small Zip Up Bag, Future Fighter, $28

5. Sticker Book with Over 330+ Stickers, SGTK Krafts, $4.75

6. Vintage Unicorn & Hearts Sticker, Vintage Sticker Love, $5.66

7. Clear Backpack with Smiley Faces, Indigo Pines Vintage, $60

8. American Cowgirl Mini Overnight Suitcase, Off the Pedestal, $25

9. Cowboy Tedd Bears Notecard, ApexStore, $3

10. 1990’s Cats & Dogs Eraser Set, Kix Boutique, $6

11. Vintage Casey Purse, Future Fighter, $182

12. Lisa Frank 6 Color Pen, Shopping Lounge, $10

13. Rare Jumbo Unicorn and Balloons with Kittens Sticker, Vintage Sticker Love, $26.81

14. Dancing Dolphins Purse Art Set, Collector’s Warehouse, $23.99

15. Halloween Party Favors 18 Rings, The Discerning Hoarder, $30

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4 thoughts on “Lisa Frank: Graphic Design in Vintage 80s Rainbow Heaven

  1. Joleene says:

    My daughter would DIE for this! Gonna have to show her a few things. I also have a friend that digs this stuff. Really cool post!

  2. Tabitha says:

    I love Lisa Frank! I’m so happy they seem to be making a comeback. I’m definitely going to check out some their vintage items on Etsy as well. Thanks for sharing!

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