Make this Hazelmade Greeting Card into a Easy and Inexpensive Art Print


I love these Hazelmade Greeting Cards. They are totally adorable, affordable and shoppable. We carry so many in the online boutique. And every now and again Susan, the maker of this brand, will send out hello cards with her new designs!

I had some extra inexpensive Ikea frames and couldn’t resist making these Hazelmade Greeting Cards into a Easy and Inexpensive Art Prints. I’m planning on adding these to my gallery wall which will be a perfect fit.


This is such a great DIY if you have greeting cards with sentimental value. Or if you are looking for a super affordable way to decorate. All you need are a few simple supplies and a little know how.


Hazelmade Greeting Cards (or any greeting cards)
Painter’s Tape (or washi tape)


First, pull apart the frame leaving the matte board on the inside of the frame. Most frames have a paper insert that’s the exact size of the frame itself.

Use the paper insert to trace the Greeting Card. This will help your card fit the frame perfectly.


When you trace and cut your Greeting card, make sure you line it up perfectly. This will ensure that your art print is straight when it’s inside the frame. All you need to do is trace and cut!

Once your Greeting Card is cut to the correct size, place it inside of the frame on top of the matte board. Hold the Greeting Card in place and look at the front to be sure that it is straight.


Once you know that the print lines up, attach the print with washi tape or painter’s tape to the matte board. Now seal up your frame.

And viola! You’ve got the cutest and most affordable art prints around. These Hazelmade Greeting Cards make the best Easy and Inexpensive Art Prints! So shop them now and make your own.


Let’s Stay Friends!

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