15 Gorgeous Dream Conservatories & Greenhouses

the most gorgeous conservatories and greenhouses

Like a dream these indoor gardens feel like another world. They feel so warm, airy, and full of life. These Conservatories and Greenhouses are all about inspiration. I found the most gorgeous of them from around the globe and gathered them here.

Good News: There are lots of gorgeous photos. Bad news – these are all linked from broken blogs and home photography so it’s nearly impossible to understand any of these locations. For now, we’ll just have to enjoy the photos here.

If you want to see more there are so many ways to search – greenhouses, conservatories, solariums, and atriums are just a few.

Kew Gardens

gorgeous staircase of kew greenhouse

Kew Gardens is the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Southwest London about 30 minutes outside of the city. Inside the Greenhouse, they’ve created a Rainforest climate with coffee, chocolate and rubber plants. It can be toured daily and has one of the widest array of plants in the world.

Greenhouses with Water

indoor atrium greenhouse inspiration

indoor pool with atrium best greenhouses best conservatories

greenhouse-with-water-best conservatories

These dream atriums have water that’s meant for fish or meant to be adored. And several have swimming pools too. There’s nothing more pleasant than these plants and water combined.

Abandoned Greenhouses

gorgeous abandoned greenhouse europe best conservatories

Villa Maria Hotel before Renovation, photo by Friedhelm Thomas

conservatory vintage victorian

conservatory greenhouse bohemian victorian

abandoned greenhouse garden with overgrown plantsBlooming Greenhouse, photo by Gregoire C.

Other than these Greenhouses and Solariums being likely Victorian in era, we don’t know much about them. Abandoned Conservatories can be found across Europe – in the UK, Italy, Germany and more.

Modern Greenhouses

dining room at Roy Choi's Commissary on Gardenista
Line LA, Restaurant

indoor tree conservatories pop shop america

small at home greenhouse with seating pop shop america

indoor garden atrium by pop shop america

at home greenhouse with gorgeous seating

These modern Greenhouses are ones you are more likely to encounter in the real world. Some are from people’s homes, some are public businesses, and one is even a restaurant that is open to the public.

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