Meet Sofia Hydman: GIF Illustrator & Artist

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Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background. Where are you from? Where are you now?


Hej! I’m Sofia Hydman, a Swedish Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Gif Artist. I work my 9–5 at a design agency in Stockholm and in my spare time I do gifs and illustrations. After I studied my BA in Visual Communications I moved to New York to become an Art Director at an Ad agency, after a while I decided it was time for me to move back home and earn less money. So I did.


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What’s your creative process like when you start a new project? Do you like to sketch and plan or just wing it?


Often I get inspired by popular culture or social media. I would say that jealousy is my biggest drive and I spend a great deal of time lurking through Instagram, looking at other peoples greatness. Often I plan ahead; you kind of need to when dealing with animation. Being disorganized or sloppy could end up costing me hours. Hours. And I’m an easy crier.


What’s your studio or work-space like?


I don’t really have a studio, I work at home, during weekends and late nights. I sit on my bed, crooked like a cheese doodle, with my Wacom and Mac, listening to podcasts about crime and sports.


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Did you always feel destined to be an artist? Were you ever unsure?


I don’t think I have the nerves for being a full time artist, heads to the 9–5 I’m sporting during the weeks, which isn’t bad since I love to be surrounded by creative people and talk about design on a daily basis. And not being depending on my art, money-wise, gives me the freedom to experiment more and have fun with my gifs.


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When would you say you developed the style of illustrating you have now?


A few years back, I think, it’s hard to keep track since it’s in constant development.


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What are your favorite art supplies? Are there any that intimidate you?


I usually work in Adobe After Affects and Photoshop. Sometimes I miss working analogue but when I do I quickly realize why I stopped. cmd+z dosen’t work in real life. Yet.


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Do you collect anything?


Likes on social media, plants and the comic book Bamse.

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And lastly, what makes you happiest in life?

Meeting a friendly dog can make me burst into tears in my most fragile moments. Otherwise family, friends and a nice bottle of wine keeps me on track.


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