Midcentury Modern Hair! DIY Piet Mondrian Style Hair Barrettes

finished standing how to make piet mondrian hair accessories diy

I love Piet Mondrian paintings. Those bright colors, shapes that fit so perfectly against each other, and straight lines. I love modernism in general but those Mondrian paintings are so special to me. Here’s how to make your hair into a Piet Mondrian painting. This is such an easy and fun DIY! I hope you love it.


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A Bit about Mondrian:

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch Painter that lived from 1872 to 1944. In 1911, he moved to Paris and was greatly inspired by a trendy movement Cubism and the Parisian Avant Garde. He desired to combine these new ways of painting with high pursuits and his theosophical beliefs. He began painting abstract and less narrative paintings for paintings that were about thoughts and feelings.

His most important pieces like Tableau I and Composition II were created in only a few colors during 1920 and 1921.

supplies to make piet mondrian style barrettes

The Supplies:

Tangram Pieces (from a Teacher Supply Store)
Barrette Blanks
Patience (E6000 Takes a Full 24 Hours to Dry)

Tangram pieces come in lots of different shapes and colors. You can find lots of different sets. These pieces are used for a math game in which you create patterns and more complicated shapes. The tangram pieces I used are the perfect size for barrettes – most of them were about 1 inch across. Some of the pieces were bigger.

You definitely want to get the right size tangram pieces for this DIY, because if the pieces are too big, it just won’t work!

glue the tangram with e6000 piet mondrian style hair accessories

Now all you need to do is use the E6000 to affix the barrette blank to the tangram piece. E6000 is by far the best glue for the job because it works great with metal, plastic, and lots of other materials. But you need patience! It takes a full 24 hours for E6000 to “cure” or finish drying and you certainly don’t want to put it in your hair before the glue is dry.

glue the tangram to the barrette diy pop shop america

I used a messy bun for this but really you could pin these perfectly modern Mondrian Hair Barrettes into any hairstyle.

twist your hair up into a bun piet mondrian updo

Check them out up close! I put in the green one first and look and how adorably minimalistic it is! You could leave just one or two in your hair for a sparse and more mature look.

up close detail of mondrian hair barrette in hair

[Tweet “”The surface of things gives enjoyment, their interiority gives life.” -Piet Mondrian http://bit.ly/1VsZYi5″]

Or layer them like crazy for a totally fun and whimsical party look.

finished mondrian hair barrettes diy standing with glass

Now you better grab a glass of champagne because hair like this is meant to be celebrated.

finished standing how to make piet mondrian hair accessories diy

[Tweet “”Art is not made for anybody and is at the same time for everybody” -Piet Mondrian http://bit.ly/1VsZYi5″]

You could also try creating these Mondrian hair barrettes in a monochrome palette by using just one color of tangram pieces. You could pick a color to match your hair or match your party dress.

have a party piet mondrian updo

Or just kick back and have some fun with it!

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