15 Tiki Cocktails that Make Summer Fun

15 summer perfect tiki cocktail recipes pop shop america

Ahhh. Nothing says relax like a perfect blend of fruit and rum! Here are 15 classic and modern Tiki Cocktails that Make Summer Fun. Tiki is a style that developed in the 1940s and 1950s. Most of these cocktails are of the original era of Tiki but a few are new and modern twists on these vintage classics.

So what makes a cocktail Tiki anyway? Tiki cocktails usually include rum – but this is not necessary. Tiki Cocktails also include lots of tropical juices and lots of exotic spices. The key ingredients are often underappreciated and underused in cocktails. They are also notorious for over the top presentation – like flowers, pineapple leaf garnishes, skewers of maraschino cherries, and some are even served on fire!

So without further adieu here are 15 Tiki Cocktails that Make Summer Fun!

The Perfect Tiki Drink by Sugar & Charm

The Perfect Tiki Cocktail by Sugar & Charm

This recipe combines spiced rum with lime, pineapple and a dash of grapefruit bitters. Have an exotic vacation for your palette with this modern and new recipe!

Modern Hurricane by Pop Shop America

Here’s an updated twist on a New Orleans Classic that is full of rum! This is one of the skinnier healthier cocktails on this list and uses a delicious Satsuma Rum.

The Zombie by Boulder Locavore


The Zombie is a classic Tiki Cocktail that is extra fun! This boozy delight combines several different types of rum, apricot brandy, and juices!

The Rum Swizzle by The Drink Kings


This Rum Swizzle is a gingery and fizzy delight. It also combines an orange liqueur for a complex and well balanced cocktail.

The Blue Hawaiian by The Spruce

blue hawaiian cocktail recipe by the spruce

What’s more fun than a bright blue frozen cocktail? The Blue Hawaiian combines coconut and Curacao for a cool take on a Pina Colada.

Scorpion by Serious Eats

scorpion cocktail recipe by serious eats

The Scorpion is a classic recipe that uses Orgeat Syrup, a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water. So summery and tropical!

Singapore Sling by Recipes Worth Repeating


The Singapore Sling is our first recipe that doesn’t use rum! Some would say this recipe is not technically Tiki because of where it was created, but it’s delicious blend of cherry brandy and grenadine make this cocktail deliciously perfect.

Grog by Three of Strong

trader vics grog recipe tiki cocktail recipes

Passion Fruit is such a lovely addition to this tropical cocktail! There are many versions of the cocktail Navy Grog and German Grog. But this Trader Vic’s version is the Tiki Classic.

Triple Tiki Rum Punch by A Beautiful Mess

a beautiful mess triple tiki rum punch cocktail

A Beautiful Mess is one of the best blogs around so I couldn’t resist this modern Triple Tiki Rum Punch Recipe. It combines lots of different juices for an extra fruity delight.

Mai Tai by Pizzazzerie


A Mai Tai is an absolute Tiki Classic and version is oh so adorable! You may find recipes with almond extract or amaretto which are so delicious too! This is the type of recipe that is worth exploring different versions.

The Ghost Flower by Oh So Beautiful Paper


The Ghost Flower is a fun and new concoction with St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur, and Creme de Violette. It it served with a flambe lime made by lighting pure rum, inside the lime, on fire!

Dark & Stormy by Mix that Drink

dark-n-stormy-cocktail tiki cocktail recipes

The Dark & Stormy is a moody, simple, spicy cocktail that you must make. It’s easy and simple ingredients make this the perfect cocktail to make at home.

The Jungle Bird by Lucky Peach

the jungle bird cocktail recipe by lucky peach

The Jungle Bird adds Campari and noteworthy addition to the classic Tiki rum! I love that this cocktail is served in a perfectly Tiki styled tumbler making The Jungle Bird extra fun and whimsical.

The Suffering Bastard by Bourbon Banter

suffering-bastard bourbon cocktail recipe

Is it Tiki or is it not? Some recipes call for bourbon, like this recipe. Others call for rum. You’ll have to taste this delicious cocktail to see for yourself!

Pineapple Rum Punch by A Night Owl Blog

Pineapple-Rum-Punch-8 pop shop america

This Pineapple Rum Punch is the first recipe that uses coconut rum! It’s a summer punch that’s party perfect.

The Saturn by Behind the Bar


The Saturn is another cocktail that doesn’t use rum! But the use of orgeat, falernum, and passion fruit syrup make this cocktail traditionally tiki. These ingredients provide the tropical backbone of clove, ginger, almond, and citrus!

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