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If you know me, you know that I am terrarium crazy. It’s all air plant centerpieces, succulent workshops, terrarium coloring pages, and gorgeous greenery at Pop Shop America! People ask us all the time where we shop for Succulents. Here is the Best Place to Buy Succulents Online.

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It’s a Subscription Box called Succulent Studios that delivers Succulents straight to your door! It’s only $10 per month – which is wonderful. Each box comes with 2 Succulents that are perfectly protected inside the box.

packaged succulent studios subscription box

the unboxing of terrarium monthly box

Subscribers receive 2 different succulents each month with an adorable information card that includes the common name of the succulent. Fun Fact: There are actually over 25 different families of succulents – some families include dozens of species so having a card with the name is particularly handy!

the unboxing of terrarium monthly box

In my box, I received a Baby Donkey’s Tail and a Drunkard’s Dream. What’s really fun is that the succulents are different shapes and different colors – Succulent Studios makes sure to send a variety of succulents. And with over 6 years of succulent experience, I was surprised that I had never seen a Drunkard’s Dream before! It was totally new to me.

baby donkeys tail and drunkards dream succulents pop shop america

The plants I received a super healthy and in wonderful condition! Which makes shopping at Succulent Studios so easy and fun! Just look at how cute they are!!

plants from succulent studios subscription box

If you order from Succulent Studios, I recommend making sure that your plants are taken out of their box quickly, and placed near some light. I placed mine near a window that isn’t too bright but does get plenty of light.

detail of succulent studio subscription box plants

detail of succulent from succulent studio

They we’re already well hydrated. It was nice to not have to worry about that. You will want to keep on eye on them after a couple of days to be careful. Beyond that it’s really up to you how you decorate with them, where you place them, and what type of container you put them in!

So get creative and enjoy your awesome Succulent Studios Subscription Box!

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