Enjoy Flowers Monthly Flower Subscription Box Reveal

see inside the enjoy flowers monthly sub box reveal

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Swoon! Getting creative with flowers is what I live for! That’s why I had to try the Enjoy Flowers Monthly Subscription Box. They offer 3 Different Styles Signature, Farm Fresh, and the DIY Collection.

Check out my Enjoy Flowers Subscription Box Unboxing to see what you could be getting in your life! Scroll to the bottom if you want to see the quick rating of this Subscription Box.

enjoy flowers at my door monthly flower subscription

unboxing enjoy flowers monthly box pop shop america

Enjoy Flowers has 3 different styles of Flower Boxes that you can get delivered weekly or monthly. They even have different sizes. A Small 20-25 stems, a Medium has 30-35, and a Large has 40-45. I personally received a Small Bouquet.

Not to spoil all the surprises but I LOVED MINE. The small did not feel underwhelming. It was amazing. A Medium or Large sounds dreamy too because you could always break them up into multiple bouquets.

Not to mention all the Fresh Flower DIY’s you could create with them if you had an abundance of flowers. You could make Flower Crowns or DIY Boutonnieres on a whim! They also make a great gift.

see inside the enjoy flowers subscription box

When I opened up my Enjoy Flowers Subscription Box I was inspired to decorate my home with them. The colors of the flowers fit together perfectly and we’re perfect for the fall season.

freshly cut flowers by enjoy flowers subscription box

The flowers we’re perfectly packaged and oh so fresh! Even the paper was pretty. The unboxing experience was fun and easy. I needed some scissors to unhook them from the box mounting and that was it.

details of shipped to your door bouquet by enjoy flowers

Whether you get the Signature, Farm Fresh, or DIY Collection, you will want to have some flower shears and arrange your flowers just how you like! These flowers are meant for crafting and arranging which made receiving Enjoy Flowers such a fun experience.

fall orange and maroon bouquet by enjoy flowers

I snipped mine up quite a bit and arranged them for a fun blend of heights and colors. I used a super simple vase, the same one that I used for my DIY Air Plant Centerpiece, so that I could really enjoy the colors of the flowers.

detail of fall flower bouquet by enjoy flowers pop shop america

This Enjoy Flowers Subscription Box makes a gorgeous centerpiece and is so much fun. So here’s the gist of the Subscription Box.

Enjoy Flowers Subscription Box Rating
Overall: A+
Delivery Time: For Me – 3 Days
Unboxing Experience: A+
Quality of Flowers: A+
Life Expectancy of Flowers: One week later still looking pretty decent.

enjoy flowers subscription flowers monthly pop shop america

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