11 Gorgeous Macrame Hanging Planter Tutorials

11 macrame hanging planter tutorials pop shop america

This blog is 5 of 5 tutorials for the July Craft in Style Subscription Box. You can find the other 4 tutorials, more about this box, and other Craft in Style Boxes here.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?! A lot when it comes to learning macrame. Macrame tutorials that show photos only, like you would see in a blog post, are too hard for me to follow personally. If you agree – leave me a comment about it below – we’ll start a community of crafters that need videos like this!

Instead of learning macrame through blogs, I would HIGHLY recommend sticking to videos. It’s so much easier because you can see how the crafter’s hands move to create certain knots. You can rewind and fast forward and watch all the steps multiple times. When I got started with macrame, I started with wall hangings. It’s such a go to for macrame and great for beginners. Once you are ready to make something more dimensional, these plant hangers are perfect!

Best of all, you don’t need to just use them for planters. Anything that is 3 dimensional will work – like for example, you could use these tutorials below to customize your own floating shelf. You could make a fruit basket to hold your produce. What ideas do you have?

To check out these tutorials, just press play on any of the videos below. I organized them from the easiest and most beginner friend to the most advanced. I believe all of them are within reach, no matter what level you are at!

Simple Beginner Friendly Macrame Planter

With this tutorial, you don’t need a wooden ring which is so handy because you could make this with just some rope, yarn or something simple that you have around the house.

This tutorial is about as easy as it comes. The only tutorial more simple is this one here. For this macrame hanging planter, you only need to make a Balloon Knot. Although this diy doesn’t show any beads, you could add those above the knots!

Sweet & Stylish Macrame Hanging Planter

With these tutorials you will see people measuring a lot. Now if you don’t have a ruler or tape measure handy, don’t worry. You only need to measure your cords if you know precisely what length you want the plant hanger to be. You can also eye the cord length, knowing that your original length will likely be around 4x the finished length.

This macrame hanging planter using 16 strings. The more strings you use the longer the project will take. But the knots are simple because you only need to learn how to make a Spiral Knot, a Square Knot, and a Gathering Knot (which can be substituted with a Balloon Knot.)

Best Explainer DIY Macrame Planter Video

This may be one of my favorite macrame hanging planter tutorials because of how the creator really takes her time and explains things well. That’s why this is a go to.

It has some similarities to the last video. It starts with Square Knots, then uses Twisting Square Knots (sometimes called Spiral Knots), Alternating Square Knots, and a Gathering Knot at the bottom.

Macrame Hanging Planter with Beads

Most of these videos so far are similar. They all have variations, but they also all use Spiral Knots, Square Knots and Alternating Square Knots in similar (yet still different patterns). But this is the first tutorial that uses beads!

Once you learn the technique of adding beads, you can actually add them to any other pattern. Hopefully this will get you excited about mixing and matching all kinds of elements from these different tutorials to make something that is your own.

Wide Macrame Planter Tutorial

Now these patterns are starting to look different! With this macrame planter, you will make a large section of braided cord through the center of the hanger before it separates into individual sections of cord.

Since it uses the same knots as some of the tutorials above, this should be an easy one for you!

Gorgeous Macrame Planter Instructions

You have to watch this tutorial just to hear the gorgeous way Sophie pronounces macrame!

This pattern is fairly similar (don’t worrry, we have some VERY different ones coming up) but there’s just something that I love about the pattern. Or maybe it’s the use of white cord instead of cream. Or maybe it’s that this cord is thin – it looks like 2mm instead of the more commonly used 3mm or 4mm? Whatever it is, I love it.

Thick Woven Hanging Planter

This diy uses a knot that we haven’t seen yet – an Alternating Half Hitch Knot! What’s great about this set of instructions is that it only uses the Half Hitch Knot, so you can practice the knot over and over and not get overwhelmed with needing to know too many things or alternate between a lot of knots.

The finished look is thick, woven and really cool.

DIY Macrame Planter with Diamonds

Pay attention because this tutorial doesn’t have any narration! It’s a pleasant way to follow along once you get the hang of some of the basic knots.

This is such a cool pattern because to make the diamond, you will attach more macrame cords during the process of making this planter.

DIY Fringe Macrame Planter

Who doesn’t love fringe! This tutorial is a lot of fun, because you can see how cool it is to fray the edges.

It uses a Crown Knot which is considered an advanced knot – and one that I’ve never actually seen before! But that’s the most complex thing about this tutorial. In fact, making the fringe is easier than you think.

Wall Hanging Inspired Macrame Hanging Planter

This tutorial starts out like a wall hanging would. It starts with a Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot which is a fun and pretty knot to master. You can find out more about this knot here.

It also includes wooden beads!

Last video! Do you have a favorite yet? In this tutorial, we see the Alternating Half Hitch Knots again this time paired with a Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot and last a Gathering Knot. It makes for a series of stripes along the planter that is so cute.

And remember anything 3 dimensional and hangable is perfect for these tutorials – you don’t have to just use them for planters! So what are you going to make?

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