15 Best Acrylic Paint Pouring Tutorial Videos

15 best acrylic paint pouring video tutorials pop shop america

This blog post is Part 2 of 4 for the Acrylic Paint Pouring Painting Kit. You can find Part 1: How to Mix Acrylic Paint Pouring Medium here.

Are you ready to start working with your Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit?! Because we sure are. 🙌🏽 This kit has everything you need to make your own paint pourings! And the best way to learn acrylic paint pouring is to watch videos so you can see the motions that people are making with their hands.

There are about a million different recipes for making Paint Pouring Medium. Some people use Liquitex and Golden – those are paint companies. Some people use Elmer’s glue! We highly recommend that you stick with this Acrylic Paint Pouring Recipe here until you are so comfortable with the supplies that you are ready to experiment.

If you see any videos below where people talk about their recipe – skip right over that. When getting started, it’s best to keep your eye on the technique of physically pouring the paint on the canvas.

1. An Overview of 20 Different Pour Techniques

This is the perfect video tutorial to begin with, because it shows you a lot of different paint pouring techniques. There are actually infinite ways to pour. I recommend that you find a few that you like to get started. Then watch more on that technique. Remember, the first paint pour might be a bit scary, but after that you will get the hang of it! It’s all an experiment so don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

2. Dutch Pour with Pre-Mixed Acrylic Pouring Paint

A Dutch pour is when you abstractly pour individual paints on top of your canvas then move it around by tilting the canvas or using a hair dryer or heat gun. You can shape it in any patterns you like. This is a great one because it uses a lot of white making the color field minimalistic.

3. Dutch Pour + Blow Dryer Paint Pouring Technique

I love the stripe that cuts across the center of the canvas. Notice that all of the canvas we are using in these tutorials is primed. Unprimed canvas will be difficult because the canvas will absorb more paint and the paint will not flow as easily.

4. Slow Motion Pour Technique

I love watching this video, because the first layers that become the background are poured so slowly. Your speed will give you control. I also love the way the artist moves the canvas to control the paint movement.

5. Coral Reef Swipe Pour

Here is the first video in which they talk about the Elmer’s Glue method. Before you even consider it, I’ve hear that Elmer’s glue is not beloved by all. It can cause drying problems. Some people say that it makes acrylic pour dry unevenly. What I do love about this video is how she talk you through ways to fix little issues like not having enough paint in the corners.

6. Swipe Technique

Here is the 2nd video by this same artist. This painting is totally gorgeous! When you find a technique that you like, watch a few videos so you can see different colors and different details flourish.

7. Flip Cup Paint Pour Technique

Flip Cup is a fun, beginner friendly paint pouring technique. This paint does look a little thick to me, but again everyone has a different recipe and likes a different consistency. Once you get familiar with paint pouring, I urge you to find your perfect recipe!

Flip Cup is when you layer the paint colors into the same cup, one at a time. Then you flip the cup into the center of the canvas and let the paint move freely from there.

8. Flip Cup

Let’s talk about adding a base. You may have noticed in some of these videos, that they are laying down a white or black color loosely across the canvas before starting the paint pouring. This is an optional step that will make your paint flow easier. The ease comes from the paint creating a wet surface for your pouring to move across.

9. Flip Cup + Tree Ring Pouring

Now this is getting fun because we are starting to combine techniques! Remember anything is possible, so don’t be afraid to try something that you haven’t seen in any of these videos.

10. Easy Tree Ring Pour Technique

Creating a Tree Ring Pour is another beginner friendly acrylic paint pouring technique. If you like the style, I recommend starting here. To make the ring, you are going to move your hand in small circular motions as you pour. This creates a ripple that looks like moving water or the rings of a tree.

11. Tree Ring Pour with Props

Now this video is really cool because they added a tall hexagon shaped prop to the center of the canvas. Then poured the paint on top of that. The prop creates a floral shape to the paint pouring. You could do this yourself with any small object that you don’t mind coating in paint – a plastic easter egg would work, or a disposable cup, or even a small piece of Gladware.

12. Spin Pour Acrylic Art

Let’s get crazy! This type of Acrylic Paint Pouring would be hard to replicate without some equipment. But isn’t it mesmerizing?

13. String Pull Acrylic Pour

A string pull is when you place pieces of string underneath your paint and pull them through in any direction you like to make unique patterns. The string in this video is pulled with the end of a paint brush but you could use a stir stick or disposable kitchen utensil. This is a particularly fun string pull because it uses lots of string pulled in the same direction to create an abstract floral shape.

14. Chain Pull Acrylic Pouring Technique

This Chain pull builds off of the string pull – but creates an additional quality to the paint. This is created from the paint flowing in between the links in the chain! And the results are gorgeous! Food for thought: what other objects could you use to create patterns in the paint – like the chain?

15. Open Cup Acrylic Pour

This may be my favorite type of Acrylic Pour! And this is a technique that I never would have thought of. To make it, cut a disposable cup in half horizontally. Then place the top portion of the cup – basically a circle with an open bottom and open top in the center of your canvas. Then pour your acrylic paint!

Which Paint Pouring technique do you like best! Tell us in the comments or share your own. You can even tag us on Instagram #popshopamerica and we’ll reshare your creations! And if you are ready to make your own Acrylic Paint Pours, you need to shop the Acrylic Paint Pouring Kit! It’s full of unique craft supplies each month that will fill you with inspiration.

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