20 of The Best Free Printable Box Templates


Love Free Printables? Here’s is the ultimate guide of the best free printable box templates around. These are made by bloggers, designers, and makers across the world and almost all of them are free!

These are perfect for small gifts, decorations, or for an everyday use. There are boxes for different seasons like Easter or the Winter Holidays too.

All you need to do is follow the link below to their website and look for the download template link. Many of them print on white cardstock – that’s definitely a supply that I like to keep around. Some of them, like the Paper Gemstone Gift Boxes, you can print on any colored cardstock. Which is so fun too! I use an HP Printer when I’m printing them out. But any home printer should be fine.

So let’s get started with our 20 of The Best Free Printable Box Templates.

Boho Teepee Treat Boxes by Pop Shop America

featured teepee box printable pop shop america

We made this teepee printable treat box in the cutest array of colors. You can download it for free on our blog.

Oh Happy Day – DIY Popsicle Favor Boxes

oh happy day popsicle favor boxes

Oh Happy Day started the party! This is one of my favorite blogs full of great party supplies and DIY.

Harry Potter Treat Boxes

harry potter printable gift boxes

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I can’t believe these boxes are free. They are so fun and special.

Fall Inspired Pillow Boxes & Cracker Boxes

Remove the extra bit of paper on the sides for Cracker Box DIY Gift Packages

Here’s our spin on free printable boxes at Pop Shop America. Choose between a pillow box, a cracker box, or download them both!

Snow Kitten Foldable Box

snow kitty holiday box template

This box doesn’t have a larger template link, so just download the image above for this snowy kitty cat box.

Cricut Pie Slice Box Template

how to make a cricut cut pie slice box diy tutorial

These pie slice boxes are a beginner friendly and easy to make Cricut template! You can still follow the tutorial even if you don’t have a Cricut. But whatever you do, don’t miss the cute Apple Pie Pun Flags that you can also download for free in this blog!

Teeny Tiny Gift Boxes

Teeny Tiny Gift Boxes 2

Gifts that are just so teeny tiny! There’s a whole set and all of them are little bits of fun.

Gingerbread House Cookie Box


These boxes are little bigger which makes them perfect for jewelry or cookies like the ones shown here. They have so much holiday fun.

Back to School Pencil Favor Boxes


Mr. Printables, another or my favorite blogs, is full of Amazing DIY’s. This pencil box is a great idea for school parties and teacher gifts.

Pastel Kawaii Animal Boxes

pastel animal boxes diy box templates pop shop america

I love these happy faced animals! The color scheme is just so perfect.

Paper Gem Boxes

paper-gem foldable boxes

These paper gems would be so perfect in a variety of colors. Imagine them with sparkly paper or in white with some hand drawn watercolor touches.

Donut Gift Box

donut-printable box template

Who doesn’t love a good donut? These printable donut box is just begging to be filled with sweets.

Easter Carrot Boxes

carrot box template pop shop america

The ribbon on these carrot boxes makes them so upscale and refined. These would be perfect for Easter or a Garden Party too.

Pineapple Boxes

pineapple-treat-boxes pop shop america

As the saying goes, Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.

Printable Cupcake Box

mini-cupcake-favor-box pop shop america

This cupcake box would be Valentine’s perfect or great any day. I love the little cut out window.

Birthday Cake Box Printable

birthday cake box - free gift box templates

I love the white and rainbow sprinkle colors of this birthday cake slice gift box. This simple box would make a fun party decoration too!

A Whole Collection of Animal Boxes

foldable fox gift box pop shop america

You must click here to check out a wide array of animal boxes. It’s more than just the fox shown here.

5 Box Downloads from Etsy

The rest of the printable boxes are available on Etsy and have a small fee. But they are so professional and gorgeous, you must download them too!

Dutch Houses Printable Boxes

dutch houses treat box template

Retro Oven Cupcake Box

retro oven treat box template

Airstream Trailer Cupcake Box

airstream trailer paper treat box

Modern Teepee Gift Boxes

teepee paper box template

Watercolor Flower Seed Boxes

paper printable flower seed pack templates


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