Donut Worry Be Happy Printable Stickers

Oh Happy Day! Donut Worry. Be Happy. Let’s celebrate having fun with these cute stickers that you can download! If you have a circle cutter, you could also print these on cute paper and use them as drink toppers, gift tags, or make them into a party garland!

We made them into stickers which are a fun way to dress up a brunch box, picnic, or a gift bag too. The possibilities are endless.



Just use the form above to forward to the Donut Worry. Be Happy. full size PDF File. Be careful with the preview above! It’s super tiny and just here to show you what the printable looks like. It’s too small to print – it will look blurry. Trust me you want the full sized PDF. You can use regular cardstock and cut them out yourself. Or you can use a A4 paper sized sticker sheet. I used Avery 22808 – a round sticker that’s 2 1/2 diameters.


We love pretty, sprinkly, desserts, and especially donuts. and this is a great way celebrate your love for this awesome dessert. “Donut Worry Be Happy” is so fun be we also considered “Donut let anyone tell you you are less than incredible” and “Whatever Sprinkles your Donut”. But we decided on this gem!

You can do whatever you want with your Donut Worry Be Happy Printable Stickers, but we’ve included lots of ideas below.


So what can you do with your Free Donut Worry Be Happy Printable Stickers?

1. Wear them for fun!
2. Give them as party favors.
3. Use them for a donut themed party.
4. Add them to a gift bag.
5. Add them to a planner.

And if you print them on paper:

1. Frame it as a piece of art.
2. Place 2 back to back around a straw to make a cute party straw.
3. Cut one out and add it to a greeting card.
4. Cut them all out and create a Donut Party Garland.
5. Add it as a gift tag to any gift or present.


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