Chalkboard Lettering Tips & Tricks + Free Printable Templates

chalkboard lettering tips and tricks pop shop america

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of chalkboard lettering, you may realize it’s easier than you think! No you don’t need to have perfect handwriting. No you don’t need to be the most talented artist! Trust me, I’m a lot more creative than I am actually talented!

Chalkboard lettering is fun and gorgeous with a bit of extra technique. Learning this pairs perfectly with our DIY Layered Hot Chocolate & Chalkboard Mugs and Jars Kit because you can use these techniques on your DIY Chalkboard Mason Jars or your DIY Chalkboard Coffee Mugs. So let’s get started!

First of all, I recommend that you have some templates. Here are 6 that you can download for free.

preview of chalkboard lettering templates
Other Supplies You Will Need for these Chalkboard Lettering Tips & Tricks:

Anything Chalkboard like these Chalkboard Mason Jars or Chalkboard Mugs
A Chalkboard Marker or Chalk (a marker will give you more accuracy)
A Popsicle Stick
Cotton Swabs


OR this DIY Layered Hot Chocolate & Chalkboard Painted Mugs and Jars Kit

chalkboard lettering tips and tricks pop shop america

You can use your printer functions to allow them to print full size on your page or many times on your page – thus making them smaller. I printed mine 9 times per page which made them the perfect size for the mug I wanted to add the chalkboard lettering to.

That means these templates can be used for a large project – like a wall or mirror or a small project like what we’ve shown here.

how to cut a chalkboard lettering template pop shop america

cut the chalkboard lettering template pop shop america

I cut my template out and removed as much of the white negative space that I could. This will give you more accuracy when you are transferring your design.

backwards greeting to make a chalkboard lettering template

For the next step, you could use chalk or a chalk marker, but again the chalk marker will give you a lot more accuracy than regular chalk. What regular chalk is great at, is a wispy beautifully muted image.

use a chalk marker to trace the letters pop shop america

For transferring lettering, your original image will need to be backwards. Any lettering will be a mirror image so that as you lay the template on the chalkboard surface, it will face the correct way.

If it’s a design or pattern, the template does not need to be reversed. All of the lettering templates that you can download here are already prepared for you.

finished template to letter a chalkboard

If you want to make your own templates, the easiest way is to use Photoshop. If you click image, you can reverse the image along a horizontal axis.

Once you have your template cut and ready to go, trace the lettering with your chalk marker.

place the lettering on the chalkboard mug pop shop america

scrape the lettering template pop shop america

Flip the template over, so that the chalked side is facing your chalkboard. Use a popsicle stick to scrape and press the template to the chalkboard. It will leave a wispy and light image on your chalkboard surface.

detail of chalk transfer pop shop america

Now use your chalk marker to trace along the lines and darken the image. Try to use one fluid motion instead of picking up your chalk marker. The motion of your pen is an important component to how to finished piece looks.

If you make any mistakes along the way, just touch it up with a bit of water and a cotton swab. This is the best technique for being precise and exact.

fill in the chalk lettering pop shop america

If you don’t want to use a template, you can also free hand your designs. With free handing, stick to simple shapes. Anything with too much detail won’t be easy to create and won’t look good from far away.

hand lettering in chalk pop shop america subscription box

If you need more ideas of how to use a template, try our hand lettering terra cotta pots here. You can also grab a Mr. & Mrs. Template on the blog too! It’s perfect if you are looking for more ideas for chalkboard lettering templates.

detail of ivy in chalk lettering pop shop america diy

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