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Letting go and giving in to an artist’s life and career can be scary. But if it feels right, then it feels right. Thanks again to this artist for reminding me just why we might commit our livelihood to our creativity. 

Meet Lauren Ulieme…


Hello to those reading. Most people know me as Unorthodox Fox or Fox for short. I’m from Detroit but was raised in a small town in the southern most part of coastal Georgia. And currently that is where I am still located. Working on moving somewhere new within the next few new years, somewhere cold.


Lauren Ulieme_Unorthodox Fox Portrait Illustration

Did you always feel destined to be an artist? Were you ever unsure?


No, actually I thought I was going to be an architect. I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design with the intention of getting my Master’s in Architecture and instead graduated with my Bachelor’s in Illustration. I have been drawing since 7th grade. But I had no one around me to pull me to the side and say, hey you can make a living being a creative. I had an awesome 7th grade teacher that gave me art supplies and blessed to have friends and family who didn’t dismiss my hobby. When I arrived to SCAD, I learned making money creating was possible. I was still unsure throughout, even on my last day of classes. This year actually is the most sure I’ve been about my path, although I still possess a level of uncertainty about some things. For now, just pumping out work and trusting the process. Learning as I go.



“Time is just one of those secret ingredients.”


What is your studio/workspace like?


My studio/workspace is not extra fancy. At least not yet. It it composed of my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, a speaker (always have music going), a large amount of books and scratch paper/notebooks with thumbnails and notes, all my packaging material, print/sticker papers, my huge canon pixma pro 100 printer and I still have traditional art supplies as well. Eventually, I’d love to upgrade to a huge Wacom Cintiq with a custom built tower but in due time.


Cherry+Web+Version-Lauren Ulieme_Unorthodox Fox_Illustration

What’s your creative process like? How long might an illustration take to complete?


My creative process is constantly evolving. A combination of my traditional knowledge combined with what I’ve learned as far as digital art goes from other artists who have mastered the medium. I will say that my creative process is pretty organized. I use the same steps give or take a few tweaks as I learn and grow. An illustration can take anywhere between a few hours, to a few days, to at the most two weeks (unless I am working for a client, then however many days I have until it’s due). My best illustrations are the one’s that took the longest to paint. Time is just one of those secret ingredients. Rushing usually never helps.



What’s the most important change you made when you decided to produce art as a career instead of as a hobby?


The most important change… changing my mentality. Once I made the effort to start working on becoming a better version of myself as far as self confidence, self love, discipline, etc. goes, the better I’ve been able to navigate as professional.


Lauren Ulieme_Unorthodox Fox_Illustration-Warrior

What are your favorite art supplies? Are there any that intimidate you?


As far as traditional art goes, I love brush pens, acrylics and watercolor. But currently, my tablet is my favorite art supply. One-time purchase. Haha. At this point in my journey, I’ve used everything. Acrylics, oil, pastel, color pencils, charcoal, graphite, pens, watercolor, damn near everything. Maybe spray painting intimidates me? But I wouldn’t let that stop me from trying eventually.


Lauren Ulieme_Unorthodox Fox_Illustration Charicature

What makes you happiest in life?


My happiness comes from knowledge of self, spreading positive vibes and radiating love. Being around the people I love & being blessed to be apart of their journeys. Listening to amazing music. But mostly, to have found my purpose/passion and to be able to continuously learn something new and to grow at it.


Lauren Ulieme_Unorthodox Fox Miss Universe


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