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Hey y’all. Today we get to dig around Lindsay Burck’s brain! Are you sooo excited? I am! I can not get enough of this color palette, which is, to her, an interpretation of human experience and emotional capacities.
Well… Don’t be shy–introduce yourself…


Did you always feel destined to be an artist? Were you ever unsure?

I didn’t consider myself an artist until September 2015 when I could even begin to admit to myself that I am an artist. Before that, I didn’t really like making art because it didn’t seem good enough to be worth making. The process of admitting to myself that I am an artist was difficult. It took a lot of feelings of bravery just to say it to myself.


Lindsay Burck_Work In Progress Image

What’s your creative process like when you start a new project? Do you like to sketch and plan or just wing it?


Pretty much every project is not planned out. Usually paintings are started with zero plans in mind. When I feel really nervous about a painting, then a lot of thought will go into it in preparation, so ideas will start revealing themselves throughout the over-thinking process.


Lindsay Burck_Prism Light Art Image

When would you say you developed the style you have now?


The story that is normally told about my style is that after a bike accident in 2015, there were lot of lights and sparkly-ness that was experienced after waking up from surgery. There was a strong feeling that these experiences could be captured or relayed to other people.

The next topic that’s come to awareness is that facing fears allows for colors to appear brighter. The kind of recovery that was done after the accident required lots of facing fears. Even more recently, a workshop that I attended pushed participants to face fears, so the opportunity to do this allowed me to see these bright colors vividly again.


Lindsay Burck_Sidewalk Art

Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background.


Over the years, a lot of art classes have been available for me to take. Oftentimes I took them for granted, because there were thoughts that my art wasn’t good enough. The lessons stuck sometimes—enough to be able to use them a little bit later. Now, most of the art knowledge that I have comes from my incredible friends in the art community in Houston.


Lindsay Burck_Silver Prisms_Artist Image


What’s your studio or work-space like?


Right now the studio that is normally used for painting is under construction after the flood this year, so materials are scattered between my car, my living room and my backyard. A lot of times, other artist friends and I will get together to paint in each others’ studios. The energy of working next to others is so helpful.


Lindsay Burck_Eye Prism Light Art

What are your favorite art supplies? Are there any that intimidate you?


I love all art supplies—right now I’m obsessed with aerosol cans because they work so quickly and cover such large areas so efficiently. What intimidates me about them is that I often feel sick during and after using them. I want to work on a better safety plan to keep my body healthy.


Lindsay Burck_Artist Image Mural


What do you hope to say or share with people through your art?


The intention for these artworks is that people who see them will feel peaceful. Oftentimes I feel extremely privileged when people walk into the studio space that I have and say that they “feel peaceful.”


Lindsay Burck_Prism Hand Light Art

Do you collect anything?


Anything iridescent or sparkly is difficult for me to resist.


Lindsay Burck_ Pop Shop Vendor Image
Lindsay Burck at Pop Shop Houston Spring 2017


And lastly, what makes you happiest in life?


What makes me happiest right now is when I feel unconditional love for other people. Artwork is one way of expressing the joy and peace that happens with the love in my life.



Let’s Stay Friends!

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