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how to make a chalkboard hand painted globe instructions

Here are the instructions for Part 1 of 4 of the Sail Away July Craft in Style Subscription Box, but you can now get this kit here or here or also make it by sourcing your own supplies!

Sail Away! Are you daydreaming of faraway lands like I am? If so, here is the perfect DIY Decor for you. It’s a DIY Chalkboard Painted Globe that is hand painted in white and gold! Très gorgeous. You could also replace the white paint with black chalkboard paint or replace the gold leafing with silver! Make it your own style and color palette.

We decided to make this for our July Craft in Style Box because they are crazy expensive to buy online. Just check out this gorgeous globe on Etsy! It’s $100! So cute, but there’s got to be a way we can DIY this ourselves. . .

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Supplies to Make a Chalkboard Painted Globe

DIY Chalkboard Painted Globe Kit
Miniature Globe (like this)
Chalkboard Paint
Painter’s Palette
A Small Flat Tipped Brush
Gold or Silver Paint Pen

Plus: You will need a space to work – perhaps just a small newspaper to work on top of!

after one coat graphic pop shop america
first layer of chalkboard painted globe pop shop america

So let’s get started. First, start with the chalkboard paint and cover all your blue ocean in chalkboard paint. You will need several coats of paint, so don’t worry if some blue shows through. My best suggestion is to take your time and try to get the edges as well as the small blue seas – like the Black Sea covered.

The Black Sea is surrounded by land, making it hard to paint with the chalkboard paint. If you don’t want to, you could always ignore these small seas and just fill them in like the land around it. Either way your finished chalkboard globe will still look cute!

first coat of chalkboard paint - diy hand painted globe tutorial

Chalkboard paint dries a little faster than acrylic paint – perhaps 10 minutes to dry at the most. Allow your coats of chalkboard paint to dry completely in between coats. Continue to apply the paint until your blues do not show through. For me, this was 3 coats. But for you it will depend on how thick each coat is.

Be sure to keep your brush clean in between coats so that it does not dry with caked on paint. Just like acrylic you can wash the bristles soap and water thoroughly. It’s super easy!

second coat of chalkboard paint - hand painted globe tutorial

Next, use your gold or silver paint pen to fill in the land masses. Allow the paint to be thick which gives is a metallic luminescence that is just so gorgeous!

Try to make your edges uneven – even if the edges are not perfect. That will make all the land masses look more real and reflect that this is a globe.

add the gold to the diy chalkboard painted globe craft in style

You will notice little spots along the way that need to be touched up – either in paint pen or in chalkboard paint. But for now, just fill in all the land masses. We’ll do that before we touch up these details.

craft in style subscription box tutorial diy hand painted globe

Some of the spots will be easier to touch up in metallic paint pen. Other parts will be better touched up in chalkboard paint. Use your best judgement on how to finish these last little bits. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

close up almost finished chalkboard painted globe pop shop america

Your touch ups will likely consist of adding a few coats of both chalkboard paint and paint pen back and forth. Just take your time with this step and let it be fun. Also, every now and again, take a step back and view your globe from far away.

Since you will be viewing your globe from a distance farther, once you find a home for this piece of decor, looking at it from farther away will give you a nice perspective on what this will actually look like. It’s a great way to not get lost in the details during your touch up process!

finished chalkboard painted globe craft tutorial - subscription box

After these touch ups – viola! You have your very own chalkboard painted globe. If you want to bring this DIY to the next level and add some details to your globe – we have a blog post for that coming soon!

how to hand paint a chalkboard globe art subscription box tutorial

And if you love this DIY make it yourself with the DIY Chalkboard Globe Craft Kit!

And make sure you check out the Craft in Style Subscription Box! It delivers arts and crafts supplies to your door every month with projects, video tutorials, free printables, and new stylish projects each month.

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