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It’s such an honor to be able to teach a craft corner at the last major Pop Shop of the season. It’s always been something we’ve wanted to do, along with someday having an actual product booth at a Pop Shop event. At Pop Shop Houston Festival (a modern craft show in Houston) we have decided to try our hand at cork jewelry. It’s something that none of us has ever attempted yet after some trial and error we were able to come up with some great finished products to share with you all and help you create your own.

Cutting Corks to Make Cork Necklaces | How to Make a Cork Necklace | Pop Shop America Blog
We will have painted corks in a wide variety of colors and sizes, along with string for those of you that want to make necklaces or key rings for those who would prefer key chains. We also have a series of different stamps for you to choose from. We hope you will come and visit our table and create with us, we’d love to see you there!!
But if you can’t make it to Pop Shop Houston, here is how to make these awesome cork pieces at home.

DIY Cork Jewelry Supplies:
– Regular Wine Corks (not wax corks)
– Acrylic Paint – Various Colors
– Stamps
– Quick Drying Pigment Ink Pad (dark and light colors)
– Saw & Vice
– Safety gloves and glasses (cork dust can get in your eyes)
– Sandpaper
– Screw Posts (to Attach the Cork to a Necklace or Key Chain)
– Twine for Necklaces or Metal Key Rings

Wearing a handmade cork necklace | How to DIY Your Own Jewelry | Make your own necklace | From the Pop Shop America Blog
Optional Supplies:
– Pipe cutter (ONLY if you have some wax or plastic corks to cut)
We start by sawing the corks into discs, 1 cork will usually make 4-5 discs. This is our main base for stamping. We use our sand paper and smooth down the side we want to paint on. You could just simply dye the corks but that can take up dyeing time and resources – we found it easier to use acrylic paint instead! We like acrylic because of its quick drying action. Drying usually takes about 15-20 minutes. After painting one side of our piece we let that dry. Our next step is the stamping! We love using a quick drying pigment ink pad. You can use large flourish stamps or simply use a small letter stamp to make your very own monogram piece. The pigment ink only takes a few minutes to dry! To finish the piece, we like using screw posts into the cork to allow us to string the cork or even make it into a key chain. The screw posts are so easy to put in the corks!
Be creative and use different colors of paint and inks! There is no right or wrong way to make these and they make the perfect gift to swap with friends.
How to Make a Keychain | Cork Stamped Keychains | DIY Instructions from the Pop Shop America Blog





DIY Cork Jewelry Tips:
– Old corks tend to be very dry and may fall apart when sawing. Use fresh corks or “young” corks.
– Use a blending gel to help mix white with your color paint – the gel makes the blending smoother. Add white to your colors to make dreamy pastels!!
– Use more than one stamp and ink pad color! You can layer by adding a light color stamp with a darker color stamp on top! We did something similar on our heart pendant.
– You can also leave corks un-painted for a more natural look!
Corks are so versatile and so easy to work with!
– Written and Created by the Vera Girls
(Mija, Kim & Kat)

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